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I need some help! I am a newbie looking for a good holster for my new S9. I inquired with the folks at Mitch Rosen who said they have the block for the "M" series, but not the "S". They also said if the "M" & "S" are the same, other than barrel length, they can make the holster.

Does anyone know if the "M" & "S" are the same demensions except for the barrel length?


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The S slide and grip are 1/2" shorter than the M. Holsters designed for the M will fit the S, you will just have some empty space at the bottom if the holster. Some companies can/do make a holster specifically for the S. Can't remember which ones off the top of my head. A search here should turn up some info.


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Go for the M holster.

I have a CompTac CTAC, kydex holster. I was warned before purchasing (by the GREAT people at CompTac) that the holster is molded around an M40. I own an M9 and S9.

First of all, know that all the M series frames/slides are identical in exterior dimensions, as are the s-series.

Second, I'm happy to report that my holster fits both my M9 and my S9 PERFECTLY. If you buy a holster for an M, you will simply have 1/2" of "extra" room on the barrel end, which doesn't affect funtion at ALL.

And hey - if you ever buy an M, you'll already have a holster for it, too!

It will work - have no fear.
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