S/Sgt. D writes from Afghanistan: Part II

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    Here's an update from Staff Sgt. D, serving with our troops in Afghanistan, firing back at the critics who didn't like his first letter home.

    I stole it from http://www.blackfive.net/main/2007/02/staff_sergeant_.html

  2. Nice letter and very well put.

    I see a disturbing trend lately in American society to dishonor our American fighting men and women serving so bravely in our armed services.

    For example, we have an editorial that was recently placed in the LA Times that was very disrespectful to Vietnam vets, a recent editorial in the Washington Post claiming that members of our armed services are mercenaries and that Abu Graib and Haditha are not the exception, but the norm of how our military behaves.

    Tonight on Anderson 360 on the CNN network they will do a segment on how Felons are finding their way into the military. :roll:

    At a recent protest rally in Washington DC people were spitting on soldiers.

    I suspect that the ultra left now sees that as long as there is a call to support the troops it will be difficult for us to abandon the mission and waste what they have fought and died for. The left is now slowly moving to decrease support for our troops to Vietnam levels to bring about an end to the war as that is their only real obstical.