S series and pocket carry???

Discussion in 'Carry Issues' started by FlaChef, May 24, 2005.

  1. FlaChef

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    anyone do this????

    My wife shot the S9 in a "tactical practice" session tonight. It was her first time shooting an automatic in one of thes sessions (idpa/ipsc/icore unsanctioned practice drills basicly). She got through the three stages all right and had good accuracy "looks like you lost a gun" the RSO said to me (the S is mostly shared anyway, I lost it the first time she shot it).

    However her auto grip needs work so I sat her down to read IDPA's tutorial w/ the unloaded S. when she was done she gave it back to me and I suck it in my pocket rather than take it back to the safe.

    It sits nice and is way more comfy and better concealed than in my IWB holster. Maybe not as fast, but if i can get it to stay where the handle is just poking out of my jeans pocket I can still conceal it w/ one of my regular untucked t-shirts instead of having to wear one of my baggier shirts.

    Just to see I cocked it and put the safety on (unloaded still!!). It's now been in my pocket a couple of hours while I played some eq2 w/ the wife w/ breaks to go out to smoke and let the dogs out.

    Now wondering about getting a pocket sheath made from grandfatheroak.

    anyone thoughts on this??? Maybe I don't need to think about that kahr PM9 for pocket carry??

    BTW: I'm wearing LEE relaxed fit size 42 jeans (and yes the 42's are my thin jeans I just broke out for the first time in 2 years :oops: )
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    a managed to carry M-9 in pocket of jeans and expirienced no problems)))

    I guess because of its small grip.

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    42 jeans

    welcome back to the club FlaChef....i got back into 42s about a year ago. :D ...i've joined a gym and am shooting for 40's by the time i get hitched in Sept.....

    I imagine it is hard to be a chef and maintain ideal body weight....

    As for the pocket carry...i think i would go with the pocket sheath/holster idea....i would think it would make for a smoother draw...but i am no expert by any means...
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    I began last summer in 40's and now I'm in 32's. Good luck guys, it ain't easy.

    Oh yeah, the S9 is rockin in the pocket, especially in the leg pocket of some BDU style pants...which seem to be in fashion lately.

  5. RangerM9

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    32 in waist not in my future...

    No way in hell i will ever be wearing 32s.....if i get to 38 or even 40 I will be pretty damn happy
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    I shoot an S9 for IDPA and sometime carry it, but most of the time I carry I a Kel-Tek P9. I put both of them in a pocket holster. Both are concealable, but the smaller size and lighter weight of P11 make it move comfortable.
    Of course, if I really thought there was a reasonable chance of needing to pull my gun I would take the S9. It is more accurate and reliable, but then again, if I there is a reasonable chance I may need to use my gun my first choice would be to avoid the situation.
    My wife carries her gun in a purse-like object she calls a "sling" which is sort of like a vertical fanny pack.
    So in short, try one of those suade lined pocket holsters for an easy, comfortable carry. It may not be quite as fast, but it is still pretty good.
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    Wow....I'm impressed that some of you are able to pull-off pocket carrying an S-series gun. My Kahr PM9 (in a Grandfather Oak Pocket Companion XL) is bit "largish" for me to pocket carry unless I wear very baggy pants.....stinks to be only 5'6"...and a half. :D

    SELFDEFENSE Premium Member

    When I used to try pocket carry with a Glock 26 I would get the 8-O Mae West look.