S/M 9 for small hands

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    ive been asking this ?? on several dioffernt sites re: several pistols and so far it has saved me twice form buying something I probably wouldnt like, so lets ask it re: the S9 and M9. I have small hands approx 6' from base of palm to tip of middle finger. does it matter for the S vs m Ive read that the S9 is just a bit smaller but does that equate to the grip length as well thanks guys. great forum if a do get the Steyr I'll be a regular.
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    After a quick measurement, I find my hands are about 6.5", and the M fits perfectly. The S is about a half-inch shorter in the barrel and, if I'm not mistaken, a half-inch shorter in the grip. Best of all, the ergonomics make the Steyrs super-pointable and easy-to-grip. Many on these forums with small hands have been very satisfied. Find one and try out the grip. I bet you'll like it.

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    my wife has no probs and she's got small hands (or maybe that's just compared to my hams).

    M and S will have same grip circumferance, just 1/2" less in grip length.
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    I also have small hands, somewhere between 6 and 6.5 inches palm to finger tip. My M9 fits great in my hand. I looked at several pistols before settling on the M9. The feel of the gun in my hand was about the best I had found and with the price being what it is I was sold.

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    I think the M/S is a great small-hand shooter. I don't have large hands either, and the M/S fit like a glove.

    My mother-in-law even shot all of our guns this past weekend, and liked my Steyrs the best!

    And the grip for the M is the same as the S. The only differences between the two pistols are the overall length & height; the trigger reach and grip circumference remains exactly the same.
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    I have small hands and find even a Glock is a long reach for me.
    I was very pleased with how my M40 fits the hand. Almost as nice as a Hi-Power :)
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    Never tried an M but I'm another girly-handed specimen (about 6 3/8") with an S9 and it fits great (and in this case I think the reach or hand length is irrelevant between the two anyway). The Steyrs are indeed good for small hands. Glock compacts fit me well too but things like a CZ or a Beretta are way too much for me - I can barely touch the trigger let alone squeeze it.
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    My wife and I both have small hands and have no problem with the S9. 8)
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    A good measurement for determining if a handgun will work in your hand is the distance from the front of the trigger to the back of the grip where the web of the hand rests. This is the critical distance as it determines whether you can reach the face of the trigger with a normal grip on the gun. BHP, 1911 with a long trigger, and CZ generally run 2.75". Steyr M and S series run 2.5 inches. This is what makes them so comfortable for shooters with small hands. Interesting thing is there is also no disadvantage for shooters with larger hands...gotta love them Steyr pistols.

    Mrs. Steyr has small hands and selected the Steyr after going to a large gun show and taking a grip on every model of pistol available. Prior to that she was shooting a 1911 with a short trigger.
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    Well that's true but I'd also mention the width of the grip is important. For example I shoot 1911s a lot with no problems. However I have trouble getting a secure trigger contact on a CZ (40 I think). The thinness of the 1911 grip allows the hand to wrap around more easily and gives the fingers extra extension whereas the thicker CZ and even worse the Beretta full size take up too much of the web in width to allow the fingers to get a long reach around to the trigger.