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    Does anyone have a good link to a site that has S-9 mags? I have recently acquired a S-9 and am in need of a few more magazines-only have one right now.

    So far, I am very pleased with the S-9, the only problem is taht I may never get to CCH it, the wife is giving it some serious looks right now as well.

    Thanks again.

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    get some 15 rnd M9 mags, they work great. They'll stick out about 1/2" but you only need a flush fit for your carrry mag. Spare carry mags and range mags it doesn't matter.

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    If you buy some S40 mags and close the feed lips, you can get 12 rounds of 9mm in them with perfectly reliable functioning.

    I tapeed them closed with a hammer, made 1 range trip, had some feeding issues, tapped the lips closed a touch more, and mine have been perfect ever since.
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    Yikes, $25 a piece! Anyone ever used taylorgunsmithing.com? Are they reliable? Quick shipping?
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    just call up Jack at S.A.I. and he"ll be glad to help you! 770-888-4201
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    Taylor Gunsmithing no longer carries the magazines for the S9. It says S9 on their web site, but it is actually an M9 mag. The M9 mag will work in the S9, but the butt of the mag sticks out from the bottom of the grip a little bit.
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    How big of a hammer were you using? I've been tapping for a few minutes now, and I don't think the feed lips moved at all. Is there a way to take the mag apart? It would be easier without the spring in there.
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    long skinny pin punch into the hole in the baseplate on the mag like any other magazine. push locking plate up then slide the baseplate off