S-40 Light Recommendation

Discussion in 'M, C, L and S Series' started by 13thlevel, Mar 14, 2007.

  1. 13thlevel

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    Can someone recommend a light that will fit my S-40? Also, could someone give me info on my S-40 by the serial number? 024592[/img]
  2. bigtaco

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    the slots on the dust cover are not any sort of standard mount. igb made some adapters for picatinny rail accessories for the m series.

    you could try mdwguns (google him) as he was known to keep some of that stuff lying around. i'm not sure if anyone ever made anything for the s series. there's not much length to grip onto.

    don't know anything specifically different about that serial number range.

    but i do know that the s40 is the sweetest little pistol ever.

    i have an s40 and could potentially make you an adapter to go to picatinny. would suggest that whatever you plan on hanging down there be very light. don't want to put much stress on it with so little plastic.

  3. MrApathy

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    you need a custom made adapter first.

    get some 6061 T6 or 7075 T6 square
    local to you or online
    I use onlinemetals.com though they dont always have the nicest price.

    has picatinny rails and extrusions.

    get a caliper and measure things out.

    find a machine shop with a end mill machine.
  4. bigtaco

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    machine shops that don't have milling machines are called fab shops. they have shears, brakes, presses and welders. and ... having seen some good ol' union usa fab shop workers in action, i bet that the right fab shop could make an excellent adapter.

    but that's besides the point

    i'm offering my service of making this adapter for several reasons.

    1) i have a machine shop with a milling machine. into which i quite frequently put end mills, but sometimes a face mill, a slitting saw, a slotting saw, or the odd reamer. sometimes i put a touch probe in the spindle and use the digital readouts to measure things.

    2) i have an s40 that i could base the design around.

    3) most machine shops won't do design work. (not all!!! for those of you who own/ work in machine shops that do) most machine shops go like this: you bring drawing, they make part. when part doesn't work, it's not the shop's fault.

    i'm not offering machine time on top of the cost of materials. i'm offering to build an adapter.

    and when i'm done, it will adapt.

    i have one motivation for doing this. there is no "they" that makes stuff like this for steyrs. but there is a bigtaco who's starting to listen to steyr enthusiasts and give them what they want.

    so... 13thlevel, are you interested in an adapter? i'll be happy to help!!
  5. Syntax360

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    Good man, BT - I was hoping you'd chime in! I think there would be a (small) market for adapters for original M's and S's. Sounds to me like you found your next project... :)
  6. Zundfolge

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    I think you'll find there are problems with using the M rail adapter on an S.

    I have an optics mount for my M40 and when I put it on my S40 and tighten it down, it starts to pinch the front of the frame together keeping the slide from moving (but I can crank it down good and tight on the M40 with no problems).

    You would have to develop something specifically for the S that puts ALL the pressure on the back slots and none on the front slots.