Runnin' & Gunnin' in the Mountains

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    Went up in the mountains a couple of weeks ago for a little run ‘n gun (in the Greenwater drainage around 4,000 feet, for those of you who know the area) with my two sons and a buncha guns. We wanted to get away from the local range one-shot-a-second, no-draw-from-the-holster rules. We took along several large plastic garbage cans (nice stand alone, appropriately sized, can take a lot of punishment) and stick-on reactive targets, which we set up at different distances and different intervals.

    I took along a couple of my Olympic Arms CAR-15s, and a few handguns (Steyr M9, Kel-Tec PF9, Sig 220). My sons brought along a Mossy 500, a RIA custom built (trigger, slide, sights, grips, grip safety, etc.) .45 ACP Model 1911, a 9 mm S&W 3913, and a .380 Russian Makarov. And of course, a boatload of ammo.

    First thing we realized is that it is a whole lot tougher to move ‘n shoot than to take slow aimed shots. I grew up in the country and learned to shoot while hunting small critters that were mostly flushed by a dog and trying to avoid me. Usually I can hit what I shoot at. But when I am moving it is a whole ‘nother ball game, especially when moving and changing targets at the same time. I would say that it was a sobering experience for all of us.

    I talked later with a couple friends who are LE training officers and described the scenario to them. They both laughed and said, “You weren’t as good as you thought you were, were you?” One bit of advice I will try next time is to “move, stop, shoot—move, stop, shoot.” Not “move, shoot, move, shoot” like we were doing. Although, even with our inaccuracy, I would not want to be those garbage cans.

    The winner in terms of one shot stop was the 12 gauge Mossberg. Even with trap shot, at self-defense distances, there were generally 2-3 inch holes left behind. Of course, the fun shooters were the 5.56 CARs: loaded up with 30-round mags and shot till the barrel was too hot to touch. The trouble is that I shot up a bunch of my Lake City ammo, and now I have to return to the gun show for more. At today’s prices that is not fun.

    In terms of the Steyr M9, it performed flawlessly, as usual. I lost exact count of the rounds through the M9 after 1500, but I would guess I am around 1850 without a problem. None. Some of you may recall that I took the M9 out of the box, no cleaning, no nothing, and started shooting. I didn’t clean it until +/- 1600 rounds, and then only because it was time to clean my S9 when it FTEd around 600 rounds when the chamber gunked up from not being cleaned. I continue to be amazed by everything about the Steyr: ergonomics, recoil (lack thereof), accuracy, flawless performance etc. The only turnoff for me is it is ugly; the A1s are a whole lot better looking.

    Anyway, this is a long way to say we had about as much fun as a bunch of grown men can have without their wives. May you all be so blessed.

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    Sounds like so much fun it had to be illegal, Doc! :D

    Got a question about your son's RIA. That's on my list of "baddest tactical pistols" and I'm thinking the wide-frame model with a 6" barrel ought to be stout enough to set up for .45 Super as well as regular .45 ACP shooting.

    How's your son like his? And any thoughts, expertise you might have about customized .45 autos and .45 Super?

    Still trying to build up my pistol fund and a long way off from buying, so I'm gathering all the research I can find. I strongly suspect I'll blow the first $350 of my fund on a M9-A1 while CDNN still has bargain buys left. Deals like that won't come again. And then I'll start over again on my quest for the baddest full-size I can afford. :mrgreen:

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    Hey I want to see the RIA too.

    My all time favorite pistol!!!!

    Taking my RIA Tactical to my cc class tomorrow...