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Discussion in 'Anything Else' started by theFiasco, May 3, 2006.

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    One of our local ranges had a "Run and Fun" day this past weekend. They set up 5 stages which were like SOCOM takes a CQC holiday in Bagdad. Each stage had 10 to 30 "bad guys" in the form of cardboard or steel knock-down targets.

    There were hallways, windows, barrels for cover and some moving cover for some of the targets. Tough but fun courses and the range officers were very easy on the scoring. 70+ shooters participated.

    The final stage had 30 steel knock down targets in groups of 12-12-6 engaged from 10 to 15 yards and the shooter moving over a distance of about 25 yards. The top 2 shooters, with revolvers, finished this stage in around 30 seconds.

    It was great to see pros and civilians out for a fun shoot. My M9 did well with it's 199 rounds over the 5 stages (it doesn't shoot well at those little steel targets for some reason but it's OK going against cardboard cut outs).



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    Mr. A.,

    Yes, I went with 115gr but borrowed a box of 147gr to use on the 5th stage with the 30 targets. My problem with steel targets is mostly a function of poor trigger control (misses!).

    Next time, I'll be using 147gr and will concentrate on accuracy instead of speed. The penalites really add up.


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    someone needs to look at the set screw, if .45 was having problems knocking em over then they are resting to far foward of their center.
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    i agree. .45 should knock it down even with a low hit.

    seems like we end up recalibrating at least one steel at every match.

    i think they get outta whack from being moved around so much.

    115 gr. 9mm dead center should knock 'er down. if not, call for a re-shoot!!!

    i love watching the open guns. they hammer the steel down getting three hits on it before it goes down so they can shoot a mini popper behind.

    sounds like a good shoot fiasco. we have enough clubs in pistolvania that there's one every weekend, usually two and sometimes three!!! where to go becomes the problem!! shooting like that is fun for sure. anyone want to be my ammo sponsor!!!
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    here that would be a quick DQ.
    major ricochet issue hitting already falling steal (course we're behind the airport, but ricochets are bad anytime).
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    The worst is those little pepper poppers that are about 2 ft high.