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Rumors about AUG A3

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Just sent some pics of the AUG A3 at the Paris MILPOL show, which is one the largest defense/law enforcement shows in the world. Of course I've yet to see an AUG A3 up close, but a German who was at the show and posted some pics on another gun forum claims that the AUG A3 finish is not as nice as the A1 or A2. I'm guessing maybe the finish may not be as nice thanks to the fact that Steyr has moved production of the AUG rifles to Malaysia?
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AUg a3

Well I am waiting until August to see If the distributor will actually come thru with the aug a3 I ordered. Per them will ship from Miss to my location in August . Wanted to try a 6.8 but not avail. So I went with a 16 black with rails and new sight system in 223 suppossedly will use m16 mags.
My local dealer told me the same and they said they got the info from Steyr Rep dirctly. I rebutted and they said its coming.

I'm difinate on one and ask them to order for me. We'll see.
Impact guns was taking pre orders earlier this year.....then suddenly said it was not going to happen. So I would not get my hopes up.
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