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Hi, everyone,

I'm thinking of getting a .45 ACP autoloader. I rented a Ruger P345 at a range today. The DA was the longest trigger pull I've ever felt. It wasn't particularly heavy, just really long. It seemed like I was almost at the rear of the trigger guard before it broke. I found the DA trigger pull pretty much impossible to control. But the SA trigger pull was very clean and crisp. I also rented a SIG P245. This piece had a reasonable DA pull, and then a nice SA pull. Is this really long DA trigger pull normal for the Ruger P345? Thanks,

Rugers in general all have great DA pulls, in that they teach you to pull long and hard (think of it like trigger finger excercises) 8-O

In our house we have as many rugers as Steyrs and Smiths, so I am not knocking them.
They're great tanks, I just wouldn't want to have to shoot one for keeps in DA that hasn't had a trigger job on it (at least not beyon like 15 ft).
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