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    Hello all, new guy from Round Rock Tx. Here. I fell in love with the Steyr S and M model a couple years back while holding a 9mm at the local gun show but have never been able to rationalize the cause to buy a pistol for CCW reasons until now. My current job is to traneport high profile entertainers cross country while handling large amounts of cash at the same time. Half the time the venues I go to are in sketchy areas and I just get off the bus and head to my hotel ASAP without being able to enjoy anything around me because I'm paranoid/nervous about my surroundings. The hours I work on this job would be in the late pm and early ams so when I get back to the bus the general public is asleep and the ghouls are out in the shadows watching me walk down the street solo. I have looked everywhere in the central TX area and online for a reasonably priced s40-A1 (compact version) but they just seem like they are priced way to high. Can someone please point me in the right direction on where to purchase the recent gen locally from a shop or private seller from the central TX area?

    Thanks in advance!