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I saw this online and figured I would post here. The 3D print looks pretty rough but it’s interesting. I have a lot of questions and really don’t plan to bid but still kinda odd

From the page
“This is a 3D printed binary trigger pack for the Steyr AUG and the MSAR STG 556. A binary trigger is a drop-in replacement that allows you to simulate full-auto fire. When you pull the trigger a round fires and when you let go of the trigger a round fires. This device has been tested up to 150 rounds with no signs of ware. Out of these 150 rounds There was one light primer strike. This device has no last round bolt hold open and was removed in order to make it compatible with both the MSAR and the AUG. Demonstration Video and how to install:
I accept various payment methods including crypto currency, Venmo, PayPal and more.”

Vid from GB page
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