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Truth is always stranger than fiction, even in the war in Iraq. And even stranger than Roadrunner/Wily E. Coyote cartoons.

Tonight, we went out on another mission, a short one, to clear part of one of the main routes between here and all the other military bases in Iraq. Coming back, we had a bomb explode near us. However, this was no ordinary bomb. This one was a shell strapped to what appeared to be a roller skate, and it got pulled across the road in front of us. Apparently, the bad guys have been watching too many old cartoons, and called Acme with an order for bombs. My truck has now earned the nickname "Roadrunner", for having survived an attack by Wily E. Coyote.
The above is a report from "Teflon Don," a solider in Iraq who blogs when he has the spare time. Read this strange episode, which also includes a visit from every soldier's Superman hero, Chuck Norris, who borrows a Humvee.

Teflon Don at war in Iraq

And here's another quote from Teflon Don, in an interview with Blackfive:

What is most on the mind of the troops at the moment?

Beer and Women. Did you expect a different answer? :-D

Nope...glad to see that my Army hasn't changed. What worries you most about back home? And what are you hearing from friends or family about home and the US?

I have two main worries.

First, I fear that the violence and disorder of Iraq will find its way back to America. I worry that gangs will begin to attack each other and the police with IEDs, and that more veterans will return to commit crimes "to draw attention to the plight of Iraqis". I worry that more will return no longer able to distinguish colors other than their accustomed black and white- violence or no violence.

Second, I fear that our leaders back home will not allow us to finish what we have started; that we will leave Iraq before there is any hope of order. If we do, I fear that we will have a genocide worse than Darfur or the Balkans on our national conscience, as well as a terrorist threat far beyond our imagination.
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