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Ripped off from CDNN

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Hey gang,
I just received an M9 from cdnn and it's a bummer.......obviously used reconditioned and defective. Tried racking a bullet and it jammed and wouldn't open!!!!!!!!!! Looked inside and the warranty card has been ripped out........ The slide is not black, but off color. It looks under magification like it was brushed on. I've been ripped off......their add says nothing about being reconditioned or used. Anyone else have this problem from them.....????? I'm bummed.....
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Damn bro, that sucks. I'd be surprised if CDNN didn't offer to help you out win some or something. You should give them a call.
So far I have only had good experiences with them.
I'm surprised too....Neal the salesman didn't even say they were used.........I tried calling but they must have bankers hours. I'm calling my cc company for a dispute form and notifying everyone here that this was not advertised as a used or reconditioned item....that is false advertising.......I'll call tomorrow and find out how they are going to fix this......thanks for replying.. :( :x
Have you called and spoken to anyone at CDNN after you received the M9? CDNN will exchange, refund, or apply the amount to another firearm or merchandise if you aren't happy.

Give them a chance to make things right before you activate the rant button. If they don't make it right, then you have free license to complain.
that would be better.........but I don't find any excuse for this in the first place.....its dangerous! this gun doesn't even function correctly, and I could have easily blown my leg off..........
Shooter said:
The slide is not black, but off color.
Thats no indication that its used, there are some Steyrs that come from the factory with a greenish looking slide.

It sounds more to me like you just got a defective pistol, not a used one.

Call CDNN. They WILL make it right.
Flat color and rough finish.. like I said, under magnification it looks like it was brushed on, not applied by the factory.....not black like my M40. I would almost say it looks more parkerized .... Not the tennifer look that the 40 has. I don't mind having a used firearm as long as it works and is advertised that way..............
yes cdnn will make good. and please remember cdnn is located in texas. and unfortunately there is alot more than selling guns goin on there now.. but i belive our friends at cdnn are out the the storms path from what ive seen. God Bless anyone in the path of that thing. also yes some steyr slides are more of a dark olive drab green color.. my s40 was.
It certainly is defective..........I'm trying to cool down, this just makes me boil !!!! if I had taken this gun out to the range and just loaded it without testing it first, bad things could have happened.
But it doesn't look new at all. This is not the quality finish that I have come to expect from any manufacturer, especially Steyr.
To heir is human.

First things first.

I don't blame you for a single second for wanting someones head on a silver plater as we all know Steyr owners expect perfection and flawless weapons or we would buy lesser pistols.

However, until now I have heard nothing but good things about CDNN Investments and while I have not purchased a weapon through them myself I have heard many, many members comment that they are quick to put things right.

I hope you get what you wanted a 100% condition Steyr pistol in the end. Nothing worth having comes easily and sometimes that saying applies to wonderful firearms.

Safe Shooting
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At the risk of being redundant, definitely yes to all the advice you have been receiving. I would not get overly concerned about the color, I have seen an incredible variation in shades of finishes over the years on many makes of firearms. One thing I think is worth sharing with you that I have learned many years ago after purchasing firearms that were either military surplus or commercial ones that were in storage for a period of time, is that it is very wise to give a new firearm a good cleaning, probably better than a normal, after the range trip type cleaning, as sometimes you have not only lubricants that are old and have gotten sludged up, but often also have residual amounts of machining process/cutting lubes & oils and solvents left over from the manufacturung process, maybe even some packing lube; some lubes are good for machining and some oils/greases are good for preservation of the metal but not good for operation lubricant. So when you get your replacement pistol, and hopefully you will, give it a really good cleaning and use a quality gun oil. By the way, just curious, and not to imply it was the ammo, just curious, what type of ammo was it when it jammed?
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Shooter said:
Tried racking a bullet and it jammed and wouldn't open!!!!!!!!!! Looked inside and the warranty card has been ripped out........
As mentioned different slide finishes. None have original warranty card as that card was for a company that no longer has any relationship to Steyr.

The jamming is the key here. can you elaborate please. Exactly what happened, would it not chamber at all, not go fully into battery, etc?

Have you broken it down for cleaning? any evidence of carbon or other build up beyond the expected dried up jelly like factory lube? hows the lands and grooves of the barell rifling look?

One other person recieved a used pistol from cdnn and they replaced it. They don't really open or inspect each piece that leaves their warehouse, and their got their stock off the old importer.

As mentioned much of texas is under evacuation and probably millions will be w/out power after tonight if they aren't already.

ask for brian (he's MajD here) as one of our forum members he's always taken good care of everyone from here.

after going through cdnn if you are still unhappy write or call steyr's US office. It was purchased new and the date on your receipt should act as your warranty. While they are not fully operational and are still setting up shop they can at least advise you.
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Second FlaChef, MrA and others above.

Shooter, calm down. You need to provide more info other than your short description. When you say it is "jammed", is the lock engaged keeping the slide from opening? What kind of ammo and have you cleaned it as others have inquired. The off color slide is no indication of recondition or used. Most M9s are that color. I have a black M357 slide, off green M9, and a slightly different shade S9. Many here have gotten their Steyr from CDNN without issue. No ones perfect. There are products I wouldn't buy again from CDNN, but the Steyr M is not one of them.
uncle-walty, I know Im overracting......that's why I'm writing....... It feels like I just found out there is no Santa Claus..... LOL .....and most everyone is giving me good info. I own lots of firearms and never had this experience. Slides have been pretty much standard. I do have two Glocks with different slide finishes, and I knew that was a generational change (haven't had my coffee yet, I think my spelling is lacking), but even then the finish was consistantly good. This slide does have a greenish tint to it. I was using several commerical grades of hollow points and ball wasn't the feeding it was the slide locking up with the bullet in the chamber. I cleaned the very dirty barrel first. Yep the lands and grooves were pretty nasty. Not a factory shooting look at all. It's good to know Steyr's have a few different looking slides. I should probably try getting Neal the sales guy first, although I like going to the top with a problem. I really do know a fair amount about slide finishes, honest.
And Texas is not the state to be in today. I hope they do well. I was in the Landfall of Fl. two east coast hits last year......God bless them all..........thanks again guys for the responses..............I'm feeling a lot less :twisted: ........ :)
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Hey guys, cdnn isn't answering there fones today.....hopefully its just because its a weekend and not the hurricane.....I'll call on monday and work it out with them.......FlaChef gave me good background on the Steyr the appearance is not so important.....thanks for the ears and info.........i'll update you-all next week.......time to move on........................ :!:
Sorry to hear about your disappointment with CDNN. They are a very reputable company and should take care of your concerns once they open again.

One thing that I noticed with my S40 is that it had a serious breaking in period. In fact, I wouldn't recommend HP's until you have run at least 300rounds through it! Even with just FMJ I had several jams, failure to go into battery, etc.

After breakin, however, it has been perfect!

BTW, my pistol came from CDNN looking pretty dirty also...

Hope that helps!

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So wait, you got an unsatisfactory product from CDNN (whatever the reason it is unsatisfactory), and you posted on the internet that they ripped you off before you even called them to explain the situation?!? I understand that you are upset that you didn't recieve the product you hoped for, but at least see if the vendor will make it right before posting that they ripped you off. I think you need either less or more coffee, and maybe get outside for a few. CDNN will be back up soon enough, and they will make it right for you. Until then, think a little harder before publicly badmouthing a reputable company.

Note: I don't work nor am I affilated with CDNN. I'm just another satisifed customer (like many others on here).
It might have been more appropriate to post that you received a lemon.

Getting ripped off implies you paid and received nothing.

CDNN will be open today, give it until about 10:00am central. Neal usually comes in after 9:00.

You will probably be told to ship it back, they will make it right. Don't expect them to pay return shipping, I don't think they do that.
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