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Discussion in 'Other Rifles' started by sewerman, Feb 21, 2007.

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    recently i have been quietly hoarding a collection of old and new rimfire rifles.
    this week i picked up a winchester model 69 in very good shape for $70.00.
    i perfer rifles made in the late forties or fifties.
    the wood is much better then whats out there today but you have to be selective. i picked up a semi-auto savage-springfield gill gun that has a beechwood stock but i was looking for a plinker for my grand son so it fit the bill.
    imo the nicest lookng semi-auto in the collection so far is a hi-standard / j.c. higgins model 30. i can't get over the quality that this rifle exudes. simply amazing to me that sears & robuck offered such good quality to the public. date of manufacture is 9aug51.
    so far i have a cross section of the manufacturing community. i don't seem to perfer one maker over the other.
    older rifles are: marlin 81 DL, springfield-savage 187s, j.c. higgins model 30, winchester model 69.
    i'd like to pick up an older mossberg and remington.
    all my newer rifles are CZ. for the money CZ is the best bang for the buck! though i did see a charles daily at CDNN for $149.00 that looked promising. MFG. by zastava.
    anyone have a background on charles daily for anything other than shotguns?
    Cheers :)

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    From what I've heard Daly is spotty in a number of its guns, but have not heard specifics about that one.

  3. sewerman

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    i think zastava is russian made and not bad from what i've read.

    i have too many C.Z's now to purchase another rimfire unless it is a good preserved 30-late 50 american model.
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    Correct me if I am wrong, but isn't Daly just the importer. They don't actually make any firearms, so I'm sure that some of the firearms they import will be reliable.
  5. sewerman

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    your right.

    the zastava is an import from russia or a former eastern block country.
    i have read, after posting about them that these are nice little rifles especially for the $149.00 that CDNN has them priced at.
    presently i'm rimme poor and need to concentrate on a scope and rings for the C.Z. 452 varmint.

    note to forum: i ordered from planet optics5 weeks ago and they are nice people but my order was again put on backorder for another 4 weeks so i asked them to cancel me. the boat from china must've capsized and they has to re-order! who knows? guess it pays to ask about in-stock before ordering, yet i guess the merchant can always tell you it's in nd later break the bad news like what happened to me. :cry: