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    At SteyrClub we feel, that if you are profiting from our site and user-base, then you should contribute to its operation.

    We offer the following vendor/advertising service:

    Steyr Club Official Vendor
    You may purchase the right to advertise and talk about your products and be placed on our official vendors list. Your business will also have permission to utilize the "Vendor For Sale" area to advertise your product and or services.

    This method allows you to advertise your products and services, provided they fall within the rules of this website. This also lets our users know that you are serious about selling to our user-base.

    If you violate any rules or we come to the conclusion that you are not a reputable seller, we will revoke your vendor status without notice and without a refund.

    Please click here for specifics and pricing.

    What we DO NOT allow:

    Commercial advertising on our site by business’s other than paying Vendors.

    Multiple posts for similar items.

    The posting of an item followed by the statement that you have many more also for sale.
    The "For Sale" sections of our forum are for the use of our individual members and participating Vendors.

    It is the sole discretion of the Admins and Mods as to what constitutes a commercial posting. They retain the full authority to edit or remove any post without prior notice. However, we may attempt to contact you for a friendly explanation of the forum rules and why we felt your post violated them.

    Thank you for your co-operation.

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