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    Will someone please tell me what is meant by a "Reset Action Trigger" please? On the Steyr-Mannlicher web-site it is listed as Double Action Only. Is my gun broken (800+rounds/0 malfunctions)? Is it something that got screwed up on translation? My S&M 40 (pics coming soon) is a single action with a really nice trigger, but it doesn't reset anything, and certainly isn't DOA.
    As an aside note, I may have figured out why so many people are getting smeared primers/casings, as well as how to fix. If it works, I'll post pics and a good description of what and how.

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    Your pistol is definitely not SA. When you rack the slide, it sits at a certain percent of precock, very similar to a glock. When you pull the trigger you are completing the other % AND releasing the firing pin - DAO. If you do a search, you will find a boatload of topics on this issue. Our resident guru BigTaco can explain the process in depth, and one of these days he will calculate the exact % of precock so we have a more firm idea of exactly what is happening. :wink:


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    Striker-fired partially-precocked actions may not meet the exact definitions of SA, DA, DAO, or SAO but generally are called DA. "Reset Action Trigger" = "Safe Action" = marketing term to describe concept of partially precocked mechanism?
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    in a true double action, the act of pulling the trigger also cocks the firing mechanism, be it a hammer or a striker. these are always deemed "safe" because there is no force which can detonate a primer without the trigger being pulled.

    in the glock "safe action" the striker is pre-cocked anytime the slide is pulled rearward and allowed to return to battery. this is deemed "safe" because if the force holding the striker rearward is released, there is insufficient energy to detonate a primer.

    in the steyr "reset action trigger" system, a very similar action is taking place. as your slide comes into battery the firing pin is held back/pulled rearward/cocked and resets by resting partially cocked on the catch/sear. again deemed safe for the same reasons.

    and as such, the only way for the weapon to fire involves the catch/sear moving rearward which further cocks the striker. hence, double action only.

    the primer smear is easy to explain.

    pop the slide off and hold the slide with the muzzle down. you'll notice the striker pierces the breechface. the force responsible for this is gravity. after firing, the firing pin is piercing the breechface under the force of recoil.

    similar to being thrown in the back of your seat by a powerful car, the striker lags behind the slide during recoil, and as the barrel tilts down a swipe is left.

    i'm very interested in hearing a solution to this!
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    Primer Smear

    +1 :!:

    Understand you haven't had a chance to confirm your theory, but could you share your thoughts? Thanks!