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Replacement Sights

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I just cannot get used to the trap sights. Past 20 feet I might as well throw the gun at the target as hit it(I'm stretching the truth, but not much!). I need to go to either 3 dot or something like the Glock sights. Any recommendations on what would fit or where to get them from would really help. I love my S9, but it will stay in the safe because it is much to frustrating to shoot. Thanks. Mike C.
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wait untill IDPA steyr is back in TX and at his computer.

He has 3 dot sights and can tell you where to get them, as well as some other sight ideas at this point we are going to explore. I got to shoot bowling pins w/ his M9 last night, still undecided on going to 3-dots myself.

my nest idea is to take some brite sight paint and red in just the tip of my triangle to get a better focal point.

see my post in here about switching to three dot.
Not dead yet. Finally got my internet access back. The sights I have on mine came with the pistol when I ordered it. There was a LE version available with tritium sights and a handcuff key lock. Thats what I ordered. USA Steyr did have sights available for a while, when they had parts, but they are out now.

I have a dovetail from a Steyr front sight and am going to check it against my HK USP. Looks to be pretty close and if they work I'll post it here.

I know of no source of sights specifically for the Steyr. Any good machinists out there who can give me the dovetail width and angle of the Steyr front and rear sight?
I have heard or seen somewhere that PT night sights makes a Steyr set.
I visited steyr's website and found that they have Tritium sights, holster, cleaning kit, laser and flashlight! am I on topic here? lol :wink:

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madecov said:
I have heard or seen somewhere that PT night sights makes a Steyr set.
Took my M40 pistol to the gunsmith, and had my PTs installed. The smith had unkind comments about how hard the factory sights were to remove. The new sights look great though, green dot front sight, orange dots on the rear. These sights are infinitely superior to the factory night sights I put on my M9. Maybe I can unload them and buy another set of PTs.
I've had numerous sets of PT Night sites.
While machining work is very nice, they have a tendancy to go dim quickly.

They will back the warranty and replace them though.
To any who are replacing the stock 'tri-trap' sights with others... I am intrested in purchasing your old factory sights.

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