Remembering Pearl Harbor Day

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    I wasn’t even a gleam in my daddy’s eye on Dec. 7, 1941, but being a Navy vet of the Vietnam War, I certainly know the significance of Pearl Harbor Day. And I had a rather strange sort of “Twilight Zone” experience during a visit to Pearl aboard my Navy destroyer in December 1968.

    The 'Sacred Relics' of Pearl Harbor, an article in the Wall Street Journal, told me something about the famed wreck of the battleship USS Arizona that I didn’t know, that recovered relics of the ship have been dispersed in recent years to various veterans’ sites for display.


    I wonder if the younger generations even know what Pearl Harbor Day is all about. It was the certainly the “9/11” of the World War II generation.

    BTW, here's The Twilight Zone episode my ship, the USS Mullinnix, was featured in back in 1963. Strange indeed.
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    Remembering Pearl...

    Thanks NetF. for bringing this up. Lot's of the younger generation doesn't know about Pearl Harbor.
    My dad was on the USS Utah that day. And if I can add some facts.
    The only other Navy ship from Dec 7th, 1941, still present today at Pearl is the USS Utah. It was moored on the other side of Ford island during the attack and is still there. As a matter of fact, the Navy has a small but very beautiful and well maintained memorial to the Utah (and her 56 dead) on Ford island. The old hulk of the Utah is literally a stones throw from there. It is on it's side and rusting away in the water.
    One of the most meaningful moments of my life...I was on TDY for the Army at Honolulu and my military ID got me on a ferry to Ford island (it is still military property and not generally open to the public) and I hiked to the other side to see dad's old ship.
    For most of my life, dad always got "funny" around Dec 7th. And by funny, I don't mean 'ha, ha' funny!
    Thanks Steyroids, for listening to my thoughts.

    And thanks for your service, Netfotoj!