Reloads and Styer M9

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  1. drizzico

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    Ok let me preface this with I'm a new shooter and I want to start reloading too.

    I tried to find information on whether it is a good or bad idea to reload for my M9. I've search on this list and I've seen comments about Glocks not having a fully supported barrel and kb.

    First off what's the difference between one that is and one that is not. Are the M9's fully supported since that seems to be cause of several Glock failures Do I have to worry about it since the one person mentioned that the M9 was actually designed by someone who left Glock.

    Now for the next question does kb mean ka boom!?

    Does anyone on the list reload for their weapon or should I stick with Factory ammo for the M9?


    Newbie with a M9

    Dave :?: :lol: :shock: (running the gambit of emotions...)
  2. smores

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    Well, Glocks were first designed in 9mm, then larger calibers were quickly produced by keeping the same size slide and just boring out the chamber and barrel a little bit.

    Steyr M/A1's were originally designed as .40 S&W guns, and then .357 and 9mm were developed.

    Also, Steyrs have traditional land/groove rifling as opposed to hexagonal bore like on Glocks. You should be ok.

  3. Shooter

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    You can find any 9mm load for the Steyr. Pick one. Nothing within the limits suggested will do you harm. Steyr's are sturdy guns. Your barrel is fully supported so don't worry about it. Some 9mm afecionado's here may give you their favorite recipe.
  4. Gray_Wolf

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    I reload for M9-A1; the gun seems to like bullets with longer pointed profiles (avoid ‘fat’ heavy bullets they won‘t chamber)

    Also try to stay on the warm side, and above 1.125" for OAL…

    Steyr has the best chamber support I’ve seen. And it has standard rifling so you should be OK!