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Reloading for the M9

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Just got my M9. Tried out an old favorite for my CZ, 147gr, 3.3gr Titegroup. Lots of FTE's. The M9 is new so maybe it needs breaking in. Next I used 125gr. Zero JHP with 4.2gr. Titegroup at 1.13 O.A.L. These would not chamber. Just loaded some of the 125's at 1.115 O.A.L. Going to try these tomorrow. It seems the M9 does not like wimp loads or certain bullet shapes [like the Zero 125's]. No problems with the WW white box.
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I had problems with berry 124 hp in my s9 at 1.110. Copy of my previous post.

I recently loaded 124g Berry HP 9MM bullets on mixed brass with aa#7. I used a cartridge gauge to check dimensions and I actually shot at least 50 rounds thru several Glocks (g34,g19,g26) with no problems. The oal was 1.110 which is well with oal limit of 1.169. In the s9 barrel the round would not chamber.
Does anyone have any idea what the chamber cut of the s9 is like?

It almost seems like my chamber is under cut or short in the length. The berry bullet taper might be part of the problem but I suspect the S9 since the rounds work in my Glocks.

Anyone with a similar experience?

Other HP bullet that FTF?

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