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do you reload your own ammo?

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reloading ammo

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i was thinking about starting to reload ammunition because im going to start making frequent trips to my local range and figured it would be cheaper. so i was wondering if anyone had any information about that and if they thought it was a good idea. if not what would be a better way to shoot frequently for cheap. thanks in advance. :)
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Depends on the cartridge. For rifle unless you have a 223 or a 308 (there might be a few other military rounds) you will find it prohibitively expensive to shoot a lot or get decent quality military ammo. If you shoot the big stuff you will almost have to reload - the ammo is very expensive and all the factory stuff is full power.

For handguns its a little different. I do not reload 9mm or 40 but I reload some 357 Sig because that is more expensive. Reloading is a toss up for most defensive handgun rounds (9mm, 45, etc) - it depends what your time is worth and how much you shoot. Again, for the big bores (454, etc) many people reload due to cost and the ability to shoot reduced loads.

If you buy a decent press, scale, measure, etc in the beginning the cost to add a cartridge is very low - you just need the dies and a shell holder.
If you live near an Academy Sports, they have CCI Blazer aluminum 115 gr, FMJ 9mm for $3.86 per box of 50. You would be hard pressed to match that price with reloads, once you factor in your time. Those are Alabama prices, and I don't know about .40 caliber. The Blazer works OK in my S9 and M9.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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