Reliability of the M9-A1

Discussion in 'M, C, L and S Series' started by WPM, Jun 9, 2006.

  1. WPM

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    Has the newer Steyr M9-A1 established themselves as reliable as the older M-9? The reason I'm asking, I'm thinking of upgrading to the A1. My current M-9 (approx. 1000 or so rounds) has been nothing less than 100%. Just to mix it up a little bit, I plan on leaving the G-19 at home and shooting my M-9 tomorrow at our monthly IDPA match.

    Thanks for your input gentleman.

  2. Syntax360

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    Mine was a little fidgety at first, but after 500-600 rounds and I had two bad mag springs, but after replacing that she started feeding 100%. I think a lot of the problems with feeding and extracting that we hear about are either coming from a pistol that isn't quite broken in yet or magazine related.

  3. Shooter

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    What is the purpose of the "upgrade" ? A light rail, or reconfigured grip??
    If you like the one you have why spend the money on basically the same pistol workings?? If you haven't tried the 357sig, you might want to........good shooting in the Steyr.........well and you won't need a grip plug..........
  4. Wulf

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    Howdy :)

    Best reason for choosing the M-A1's over the M's, IMHO is the grip. <shrug> Unless you are planning on using the Picatinny Rail for your accessories, I wouldn't have minded if Steyr would have just changed the grip and had the accessory rail as an optional model. <shrug> If the personal draw is to the general aesthetics of the firearm, I kinda like the M-A1's. Badass SOB's, IMHO. "...tomato...patata....". Hava great weekend. :D

  5. kcevans

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    I love my M9-A1, since I got it, none of my other pistols even get brought out. I have been shooting mine for over 6 weeks now, in 2 local IDPA matches and at the IDPA Southern Regional Championship. I actually am shooting much better with the Steyr than I have with other pistols.
  6. Guest

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    Don't own a Steyr yet, but I agree with the above poster that the M-A1 series really look badass.

    I know of a couple used M's right now for about $100 less than a new M-A1. Any reason to prefer the older M pistols?
  7. Wulf

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    Hiya LH :)

    No reason other than personal preference. The M and S Series are very much a shooter's shooter. And, the best bang for your buck, IMHO. Nuff said. ;)

  8. FlaChef

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    older models had a manual safety. They also had a slicker grip that most of us put some kind of grip tape on.

    Other than that it's just which feels better in the hand (not very much difference there either really).
  9. Guest

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    The manual safety is gone now then? I've been looking at an M40 myself but the odd safety looked like something that would drive me crazy
  10. Gray_Wolf

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    yep the safety is gone, but I heard there are A1 models availabe with a safety but they are rare...
  11. madecov

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    Since I own and M and A1 I can say I like the A1 grip better.

    Just fits the hand better for me.

    I like the light rail in the event I want to mount a lite. The frame on the A1 is a more "engineered" design. As others have said it twists less in the hand under recoil.

    The M is still an incredible design for a first generation.

    Wonder what the A2 will have :?:
  12. Yeah, I like my M40A1 grip's texture a little bit better than my M40's grip. I have really noticed the difference this summer shooting outdoors in the high heat.