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Regarding my FIST holster

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I have a FIST #2 easy-on holster and have been breaking it in for the last month. Above all I must say this is a magnificent piece of leather, I have compared it to some other holsters and none can even compare to the quality and detail work of FIST. My friend has a Galco for his CZ75 and it is quite nice, there is nothing to complain about; the craftsmanship is excellent and it is very pretty. It does not a take genius to see that the FIST is truly superior, of course there is more detail and the contours of the FIST seem painstakingly boned into the leather and the stitching looks as if it were done by laser guided "perfection machines". This truly is a scenario where the Whole is greater than the sum of the parts. I have just one concern regarding this holster and I was hoping to hear from any other FIST owners with any information. I noticed right away, but paid no attention because I was so in awe, that the hardware-the snaps and screws etc...- are of the lowest quality. I am presently having troubles with the holster staying attached to my belt while drawing and holstering my M40A1 (for images of the #2: ). I would appreciate any stories FIST owners may have but you may refrain from the argument that I should not have ever bought a snap-on holster in the first place. I am also wondering if I should call FIST about this, I am reluctant because the holster is, otherwise, absolutely amazing - it blows my mind. And while I have my concern I almost feel guilty troubling them with such a trivial issue when their products are Infinitely Superior to all others.
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I find it hard to believe that they'd use subpar snaps, while using quality parts everywhere else.. what problems exactly are you experiencing? I have the #43 IWB/OWB, and it's one hell of a dual use holster. For the first few days I had my FIST, it was a royal sumbitch to get the Steyr in and out of.. I wore it constantly in/around the house, practiced the draw and finally, it is as smooth as butter.
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