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    A few months back I mentioned that I purchased an older M40 on Gunbroker. It had the older-style trigger and extractor. It also had night sights that were butchered by the previous owner (or the monkey he hired to install the sights).

    As I promised myself, I had the gun refurbished, albeit not completely.

    I managed to get a new recoil spring, extractor and night sights from USASteyr but failed to get a new trigger assembly. After that, off to my local gunsmith, Accurate Plating & Weaponry (AP&W).

    I asked to have the sights installed and slide and all of the frame internal metal parts hard chrome (HC) plated (save for the barrel and night sights).

    Well, the job was done very nicely; however AP&W failed to HC the slide plate and frame subassembly. They did plate the extractor. Bob Cogan admitted that they had a problem removing the (new) extractor after they bead-blasted the a result they drilled a small hole to facilitate removing the extractor. He assured me that the hole was drilled in a non-stress bearing part of the slide....8O

    Regardless, I didn't get on their case about it or the other parts they failed to plate since the rest of the gun looked nice as these photos show:


    After gawking at the gun for what seemed to be hours, I cleaned the M40 and took it to the range. The gun's first time at the range was a disaster!! I took 8 mags full of Speer 165 grain Gold Dot JHPs and Winchester WINClean 165 grain BEB rounds only to have about 10 FTEs and FTFs...including one cartridge case that was wedged tight in the barrel's chamber....end range day one.

    After that failure, I realized that AP&W may have failed to open the e-mail I sent them with the handy URL link to this site (and the disassembly tutorials) such, they probably had the extractor reassembled in wrong position.

    I cleaned the gun, took out (and reinstalled) the extractor and took the gun and 250 of the aforementioned rounds to the range.


    I only had (mercifully) one FTE which was easy to clear.

    I hope to have little problems with the gun.....other than people getting it confused with a S&W Sigma (which was what one of the range employees thought I had).....silly rabbit. :D

    By the way, Cogan was cool; we shot the breeze for about an hour about all things that go "bang". Interestingly enough, his carry gun is a ported Kel Tec P10 converted to 357 SIG. I will be sending him more plating work in the future....but he is moving from FL to AL...or was it GA?
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    Very nice srfl!

    Pretty scary about the drilling of the hole in the slide, I hope it does not give you problems down the road.

    That is a cool looking slip-on grip in the photos. Who makes that?


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    Drilling a hole in the slide doesn't sound good at all, I hate to send him my 229DAK and they drill a hole in the slide b/c some part fail to come apart.

    Did they ask before they proceed the drilling?
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    That looks absolutely stunning. I've been thinking about getting my Steyrs hard-chromed, but you've sold me.

    Is it really necessary for the finisher to drill a hole, though? I'm leaning towards using Tripp to do the chroming, but I don't want to send either of my guns off to them knowing that they might drill on it.
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    Cogan claimed that they couldn't get the extractor out after they bead blasted the slide so he had to try to get it out somehow...hence a drilling a hole to give him access to the extractor from underneath. The hole was drilled from the interior of the slide and extends to the channel where the extractor lies.

    I was prepared to be upset only because he didn't call me to ask my permission to perform "surgery". I just hope that the gun functions far it has....after reinstalling the extractor the proper way that is.

    jng1226: the grips are made by Qwik Grip ( Lonewolf Distributors ( Wolf) carries them as well.
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    I am envious of your pistol. HC looks very nice and I must send my M9 out to have the same treatment.

    Keep us updated on the drilled slide...just in case you have issues with it...I am sure everyone on this forum will like to know how your refurb M40 handles down the road.
  7. Very Beautiful Steyr M-series pistol you've got there. While reading you're range report I was starting to freak out because you were feeding your new baby some very fine ammo for so many failure to eject, but calmed down when I got to the part about the extractor and the success that you've had after removing it and installing it properly. THANK GOD!

    I always say the Steyr M-series is like a fighter jet as it needs special fuel.

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    They bead blasted the complete slide before disassembly?

    Shouldn't it be disassemble first. Thats kinda sound like my refinisher just spray Durakote on the slide with frt and rear site installed. I know Cogan is highly regarded and he probabilly been doing this before I was weened off the pacifier, but still.

    Nonetheless, beautiful piece. If I were to do this, I would send him the slide all parted out.
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    Looks sweet. I might have to get mine done even though it looks like new. Oh yeah, it is virtually new. Only about 250 rounds through it.
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    I think they disassembled the slide and then did the blast; my impression was that someone, for whatever reason, reinstalled the extractor after the bead blast and couldn't get it back out, so Cogan drilled the slide to access it.
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    I guess that's really the question I was asking. If I send one of my guns to Tripp for hard-chroming, they shouldn't need to drill that hole, should they? After all, the extractor isn't that hard to remove if it is properly installed.
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    Trip did mine with no problems at all. Excellent service, super quick turn-around, fair price, and no extra holes in the slide when it was returned.