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Recoil buffers for M series

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Does anyone produce recoil buffers for M series Steyrs similar to ones made for Berettas? Think BlackJack style buffers that go over your recoil spring and prevent the slide hitting the frame? Just curious.
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long time no see DAI

not much space to put one. slide other than frame rails would only contact the polymer frame. buffer could be done doubt it would do much but sure would be a difference buffer gets chewed instead of the polymer frame getting pounded.

S series owners may want to get pistol checked for slide and polymer frame. when slide is recoiled and to rearmost point if its hitting the polymer frame and how much. since cracking in the polymer frame has appeared in that area but not M,MA1 or SA1 series.

buffer would fit inside the dust cover around the recoil spring and rod between the polymer frame and slide.

may not work to well could hinder reliability and make assembly/disassembly tougher.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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