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Discussion in 'M, C, L and S Series' started by Guest, Aug 18, 2006.

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    I have come across a gently used M40 that appears to be well taken care of and I can get my hands on it for $300.00 out the door. Is this a good deal? Is it worth the extra $100-150 to get a new A1 series?

    Also does anyone know or have a good educated guess as to when new SA1's will hit the street?

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    $300 is a fair price for a used m40 in good shape. How many mags does it have? As for the S9-A1 I see they are special thru Gallery of Guns, $430 here in AZ. If I had not gotten a P99C AS last year I would seriously consider ordering one.

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    It comes with 1 each 10 and 12 round mags in the original steyr box with all the paperwork and key.
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    may be more SA1's later this month or next few months. boats,weather,customs willing.

    good luck finding a lower price on a steyr.

    it can be worth it to get a new production MA1.

    does it have original black semi gloss finish or greyish black park?

    trigger pin location if its lower quarter of trigger you may want to get the trigger group replaced as it most likely has 8 lbs trigger. pin at half of the trigger should be roughly 5.5lbs

    what serial number range in ten thousands?

    steyr arms will still service it no charge just shipping cost to them not sure about from them.

    if its troublesome could send it in and possibly wind up with new MA1.

    grip texture on original M series well it has none its slick but fixable. MA1 is textured little nicer. all sorts of things can be done to the original M grip ie grip tape,slipon grips and professional texturing or could heat up a sodering iron or woodburner and try something yourself.

    rail adapter for original series cost nearly $100
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    I like the "feel" of the -A1 series better than the older version, but I'm doubtful that I'd actually pay $150 more just to get that. :lol:

    J&G Sales (Prescott, AZ) had a very early (older trigger) M40 in their used gun case a while ago for $379, but with NO magazine. Seemed too steep, so I didn't bite. Last time I checked, though, the M40 was gone, so somebody apparently went for it.

    So, $300 for a used M40 seems like a square deal.
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    Just got mine on GB with 4--10 rd mags for $300 counting shipping and the transfer fee. Very good condition, with case also.
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    Decided to go with it...serial number in the 8K's, trigger pull feels heavy, probably be sending it to Georgia for my complimentary trigger job. Original semi gloss finish, one ten round mag, one twelve round mag. Going to shoot it on Monday. Range report to follow.
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    If you have not commited to the purchase you should re-think.
    If your going to send the pistol back to Steyr for the trigger or other work you will have to add approx. $100.00 to your purchase price just for the Over Night air shipment there and back. You could buy a new MA series pistol for about $425.00 with 2 15 rnd mags,a case, lock keys and manual.
    Plus it will be BRAND NEW.
    You don't know what you get till you shoot a used gun. Often its somebody elses problems.
    Your NOT getting enough of a price break on the used model for what you may or will have to face.
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    doesnt always have to go overnight if you use a FFL.

    Steyr may cover shipment back not sure.
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    Personally, I would get it. I guess I'm rare, but I prefer the older design to the new one. I know the grip is better on the new one and the rail is a Picatinny (sp), but personally I like the old design. I know this is silly, but I just can't get used to that gigantic dust guard... :?
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    Well, too late to rethink...however; I am a law enforcement sales rep and know several excellent gunsmiths who usually will do work for me for only the cost of parts, and I live within an hour and a half of the Steyr facility in Georgia and work near there frequently, so I could hand deliver it if necessary. All things considered I felt like the risk was worth it for the potential benefit. All this could change on Monday when I shoot it and I could be kicking myself for the decision. Who knows? Thanks for all the input though and I am excited to be a member of the Steyr family...good or bad :wink:
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    should just have to cover shipping there, and if you have contacts that can be cheap. SAI will ship back.