recent crime spike in my area...

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by FlaChef, Oct 29, 2005.

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    while not as bad as what happened in ministerofdeath's complex it is still slighlty worrisome. Here is an e-mail i wrote to my sherrif...

    Dear Sheriff Beary,

    My wife and I reside in the Southpointe subdivision which borders John Young Parkway, Texas Ave., and Americana. While I know this subdivision is not far from some run down low income areas I've none the less always felt safe here in our neighborhood. I've even joked to people that in our 5 years here we've only ever seen police cars that didn't live in the neighborhood once.

    All of that has changed substantially in the last two weeks. As I sit here typing I hear the police helicopter circling for the fourth time in two weeks. Beginning two Sundays ago we arrived home to find the neighborhood crawling with Deputies including foot patrols w/ dogs, squad cars w/ lights on most corners.
    After being dropped off by our friends and preparing to leave we armed ourselves (valid FL CWP's) and made sure all other firearms and ammo were locked away. On our way out of the neighborhood we were stooped by a Deputy who informed us there had been a shooting and the suspect had fled into this neighborhood, he politely asked us if anyone was in the back seat, and if I minded popping the trunk. This Deputy is to be commended for displaying some EXCELLENT shotgun handling skills, he always had his hand on the grip w/ his trigger finger safely on the receiver, and the shotgun was slung in a 45 degree downward cant and he never swept me with his muzzle (even doing a back step and spin after speaking w/ me and going to look in the trunk). I do not know if he was SWAT or if you train all your deputies that well (heard too many stories of LEO's having bad marksmanship and gun handling skills). He was also quite courteous, if you can find out which deputy had that detail that evening please pass along my compliments.

    By itself this incident is not very worrisome. However the next week my wife calls me at work and tells me to be careful on the way home, she heard gunshots (4 or 5 then a pause and two more followed by a longer pause and one more) followed by sirens. My employer does not allow any firearms on property and so I come and go to work every day unarmed (I hope you are supporting the current bill to allow firearms to be in vehicles even if a company bans them on ones person at work). I was cautious coming home that evening and scanning everywhere as I drove.

    The very next night as I get home from work I hear and see a helicopter (I assume your departments) circling.

    Then tonight as I am picking up dinner in the Publix plaza I see a Deputy's squad car very slowly and deliberately going through the whole parking lot. Then later this evening as I am cleaning house and thinking about bed I hear a great many sirens (guessing over on Americana) and the helicopter. This totals four 'incidents' in two weeks time in the area.

    I am growing more than a little concerned about the apparent recent spike in crime in the area. We have both taken to increased concealed carry (except when coming and going from work or school, which is unfortunately almost 90% of the time). For the first time I am becoming concerned about our safety in this area.
    What can you tell me about the recent increases and what will be done to resolve them? There has been no media coverage of this seeming spike that I have seen.


    I'll update if I hear anything back. Man I hope that bill passes SOON!!
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    not allowing firearms on work property is a concern.....So, how would they know if you did keep your gun in your car??? You're safety is more important then their rule.....They can't search your car......can they?? I would still carry in my car no matter what the rule.......especially if things were heating up near my neighborhood.....

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    they can, as I show my ID and pass a security gate. Very rare that they do, but it has happened. There are also once or twice a year bomb dogs (think only when terror alert reaches a certain level).
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    Most aerospace employers require the peons to sign a blanket permission to snoop thru your vehicle for any or no reason when it's on Company property. How bad do you need a job? At one employer my .44 Mag lived in my pickup truck and I just depended on the fact that they didn't search the employees' cars without reason. At another company I did not bring a gun because they actively snooped the parking lot with dogs, which as we know will alert to anything from a bottle of aspirin to a bag of cookies. Park off-premises and walk if necessary and possible. Some aerospace facilities are Govt installations and posession of a gun is carrying on a military base, which is a felony. I carry a suitable "tactical" folder with a shaving edge.
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    Government facility!! Dogs! ...........Of course................well, if you work for the aerospace/gov groups, then there are security issues in general.........I have lots of friends down this way that work/worked for Pratt and Gruman..........I'm gonna ask what there policies are.....I'm sure they would be the same.............bummer, if youre a chef, you can work just about anywhere ya??
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    I'm sorta locked into the rat, or I'd have to pay back what they paid for some of my tuition.
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    Bad scene. The only idea that comes to my mind is have a 3rd location to leave any firearms at before going to work and rearm before heading home.

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    How about pepper spray and that zapper gun for work days ?? (boy its getting late, couldn't think of Taser) :roll:
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    Sometimes I forget how good I have it ... I CCW 24/7 (even at work...hell especially at work).

    This also reminds me why I'm glad I work for a small company (and why I don't ever plan on working for a large one ever again).

    Our office building also houses our retail store (I work for a map company) and I pity the poor fool who ever trys to rob the place ... always at least two of us here who are packing (and one Sunday when nobody was here we both ran "robbery" drills, so we're prepared).