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Receiver/Trigger group disassembly?

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I remember reading about this on the GT site, but I can't find it anymore. Do we have those instructions around here?

Thanks in advance.

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i tacked the link on to the slide dissasembly thread
Thanks FlaChef,

Noocyte also replied to another post about this in the M and S forum. For anyone reading this, here is the direct link:
Recommend cleaning trigger group every so often

I have roughly 1,100 rounds through my S9 since getting it about a month ago and have never had an FTE or FTF (knock on wood). However, my trigger has seemed to get a bit worse recently with a bit more creep than I recall out of the box.

I have read about how the guns had sat around warehouses for up to a few years and the original factory lubricant can get dried out and affect the functionality of the gun. I found this to be true regarding the extractor, which didn't move easily when I received the gun but moves smoothly now that i disassembled the slide and cleaned out the sludge that was underneath the extractor and re-lubed it.

I just learned how to remove the trigger group (thanks Noocyte and FlaChef!) from this website:
It was pretty simple really (I'm decidely of the un-mechanical variety) if you follow the steps.

What I was surprised to find was sludge and brass chips/shavings collected underneath the black trigger bar where it mates to the stainless striker assembly in the rear of the trigger group. I should have taken a macro photo but it was more than the sludge that was underneath the extractor. I used Birchwood Casey Bore Scrubber on a patch to saturate the area and then a compressed air can to blow it all out. I relubed the area lightly with a Q-tip containing Tetra lube.

Now the trigger doesn't have the annoying creep and I think it feels crisper. The brass chip sludge now missing has to be an improvement.

Just thought I'd pass this on if you hadn't ever done this and noticed more creep in your trigger than usual.

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Thanks for the link Chef! I made this an article under "Articles and Information".

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