Received My 2nd M40

Discussion in 'M, C, L and S Series' started by srfl, Apr 21, 2005.

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    ...a couple of days ago. I purchased it used via Gunbroker for $299 with NS and 2x10 round mags. The seller said he was the second owner. He had no photos of the gun when I bid on the gun. He warned that the NS were "rounded" due to the previous owner installing the NS and that there was minimal wear.

    Well....what I go was an older M40, serial number 0014XX. GSI's stamp has not been obliterated. The gun has the older trigger (the pin connecting the safety to the trigger is located in the lower 3rd of the trigger). There is a little more than just minimal wear and the NS were more than just rounded....they seemed to have been smacked in with a punch with way too much force.

    The safety works fine and the trigger pull seemed ok.

    Tomorrow (or Sat) will be a range day....I'm crossing my fingers that the gun works with no problems.

    If everything is fine, I will purchase a new recoil spring....maybe an new extractor....any suggestions on what else I should swap out?

    I may purchase new NS since the NS inserts on the gun are slightly dim already (and the sights themselves are butchered but functional).

    After that, I may get the slide hard crome or NP3 plated.

    Hopefully, the gun functions it is, I think I paid a bit more than what I should have.
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    usasteyr should do the trigger upgrade and extractor upgrade free of charge.

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    Congratulations on your new purchase?

    I hope it doesn't turn out to be a bad deal for you. I think with a trigger upgrade (hopefully like FlaChef says is taken care of by USASteyr) and the plans you have the gun could work fine. The parts on USASteyr's website don't seem all that unreasonable should you need a new trigger group or other critical things.

    I bought my S9 from and thankfully it was perfectly as described.

    Good Luck!

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    I hope it works out but buying a used pistol sight unseen is pretty risky anyway.
    Good luck.
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    0 was definitely a risk.

    I contacted Dennis at the Steyr Repair Center who is a faithful S40 carrier himself.

    I told him I wanted to get new NS installed, the trigger and extractor swapped ...I'll be charged for the parts and not the labor. Price for the trigger is about $12.

    I'm also getting the recoil spring replaced (maybe all of the springs).

    After that, I'm going to get the entire slide and frame (metal) internals plated....possibly NP3'd.

    All in all, I'm actually excited about the prospect of having a "custom" M40 at the end of it all.
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    Sweet! OK - now a proper CONGRATULATIONS on your new purchase is in order. That's great that USA Steyr took care of you.