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    It has been a while since I last posted and thought I would share my fantastic experience with my new M9-A1. I sold my old M9 to a friend of mine and used the money to finally get the new M9-A1 in March. I purchased it from Trellix Tactical and must say it was a pleasure doing business with him. The production date code on mine is AWK (Dec. 2012), so it has the newly improved trigger with the roll pin under the rear sight. What a difference in the new trigger! It also came with 2 17 round mags. I also like the new finish on the slide much better than the older models. When I picked it up from the FFL, I was able to put around 30 rounds through it since they had an indoor range. All I did was put a little break free on the rails and started shooting. No function problems at all. I know what you're thinking, "30 rounds is nothing", but it got a much more thorough test later.

    I accessorized it with some traction grips and got an MDJ IWB holster for it. The MDJ holster is a kydex/leather hybrid holster. Then from May 10-14th I used it in a 5 day Front Sight defensive pistol course. That is where my new M9-A1 received a thorough break in. I put 500 rounds of CCI Blazer 115g FMJ and around 150 rounds of Aguila 124g FMJ through it during the course without a single problem. I did do a minor field strip, wipe down, and lube each night after the day of fun. I did ride the trigger a couple times when I was tired which caused a surprise double tap, but when I refocused on trigger control and reset, that went away. The sights were very accurate and very fast to get good sight alignment and picture. By the way, after 5 days of serious gun handling, the traction grips are still securely on the frame. I highly recommend them. The biggest annoyance was breaking in the IWB holster and finding a cant and position that worked well for pistol presentation. I had to lather on neetsfoot oil on the leather every night to try and soften it up. By the 4th day I had finally figured out the holster placement and gotten it broken in enough. I did end up modifying the holster a little. I cut some of the kydex off of the back of the trigger guard to make it a little easier to present and holster the pistol. I also cut a little of the leather away from the tang area of the pistol to help get a better grip when presenting. This is my first IWB holster and I am pleased with it.

    As far as the Front Sight course goes, my wife and I have been praising it to anyone who will listen. Now, for my wife to give it such praise is a big deal. When she first agreed to go she was very reluctant and basically said that if she got any crap from anybody about being a woman, she was out of there. After the first day of the course she was excited and making plans on when we were coming back to do another course. She absolutely loved it. By the way, she did have previous experience with going to IDPA matches and she shoots her Stainless Springfield 1911 in 9mm. I also have previous experience being trained as an armed security officer. We both made significant improvement in our skills during the course. The instructors are professional, friendly, and very knowledgeable. They did have a little fun with my Steyr since it was the only one on the property. All the instructors that tried out the trigger were amazed and kept asking if I had it worked on. I got to proudly state that it is a factory, out of the box, trigger. They didn't care for the sights, but after I made some large ragged holes with them, they figured that they must work. At the end of the course my wife was thrilled to get "Graduate" which is the top 30% of people that go through the course. I was surprised with "Distinguished Graduate" which is the top 10%. We both can't wait to go back.

    I think my small novel is complete for now. Keep training and spreading the enjoyment of our fantastic Steyrs.
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    Nice write-up. Phil at Trellix Tactical is great to deal with.

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    +1 for the fun and great write up Maybe soon I can get my lady out for a lesson