Really bad fathers day............or.................

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by madecov, Jun 18, 2006.

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    How to blow 100K without trying

    Today, I got to work a wreck on one of our local raodways that has several wrecks each week.

    This isn't unusual in and of itself except.

    The vehicle was a new untitled 2006 Viper convertible.

    I find out after the fact that the guys kids rented the car for dad to use this weekend as a fathers day gift.

    car was totaled, rolled over . very minor injuries (thank god)

    Worst part is..........................They didn't get supplemental insurance

    Sounds like there's going to be some issues.
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    8-O Yowza. That will leave a dent in the ole bank account.

    When I was in Houston I'd occasionally drive by the Galleria on the way to this little Italian restaurant I like. There's this place right off Westheimer where you can rent sports cars for the day, Viper, Z06 Vette, I think they also had a Ferrari 456 at one point. I always thought it would be fun, but then I thought about the financial implications if something were to happen, and quickly changed my mind. Where in Houston was the wreck?

    There's an entire website devoted to photographs of expensive mistakes such as these. I'm sure they'd love to have any pics if you got 'em.
    They've got a pretty thorough feature on the Ferrari Enzo that crazy Swedish guy wrecked out on the Pacific Coast Highway earlier this year. 8-O

  3. Oh man....what a terrible thing to have happen.

    They really shouldn't let folks rent expensive cars like that without taking out some type of insurance. Thats just rotten.
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    was the son driving wrecklessly on the way to give it to dad, by any chance?? :evil:
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    The car was rented at the Exotics place On Westheimer Road.
    Dad was driving

    Definatly not pretty.

    I wanted to take some pics, but given the situation I felt it would have been inappropriate for me to do so.
  6. We have a Porsche dealership not far from where I live and they had this 911 Carrera up on one of those platforms outside in the corner of the lot to show off...well, a guy went off the near by road smashed through a large green highways sign into the Porsche on the platform sending it off and on top of another Porsche that was parked next to it.

    So, this guy had destruction of public property and two 911s in addition to his dirt box car. True Story. I saw the aftermath shortly after it happened.