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Ready Tactical Holster MA1 series

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I just bought a M9A1 and will pick it up on Saturday. In anticipation of its arrival I have been window shopping for needed accesories for IDPA shooting.
In looking for a new holster for my Sig P220ST and the new M9A1 Steyr I kept coming across GREAT reviews of the Ready Tactical Kydex holsters and other products made by Ready Tactical.
I sent them a E-Mail at about both guns. I recieved a phone call back from Chris at Ready Tactical the same day. He stated that the Sig was no problem but the Steyr was. He would love to make holsters for the Steyr models but did not have Steyr guns to use for molds.
Ready Tactical is located in Decatur Alabama. If any body lives in the area and could get a Steyr to Chris he could build Steyr owners a FINE holster.
The phone number for Chris is 256-350-4247.
Chris is a BIG supporter of IDPA and other shooting groups and was going to be on the look out for Steyr owners at matches to try and "borrow" there guns. Maybe somebody here could make it a little easier for him.
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