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I signed up for this forum 9 years ago when I went through a brief affair with a Steyr M-9 pistol. Before that purchase, I ran a Steyr GB in the 1980s. Both pistols went bye-bye in my constant search for another "better" pistol. I am unsettled in that way.

I just purchased, directly from Steyr, a new M40-A1. It will be at my FFL any time now. Since the ammo panic of 2013, I have moved away from 9x19 because it was scarce while the .40 stayed on the shelves. Since that time, I have been going through as many .40 pistols as I could acquire to see which one I like best. So, why not a Steyr next? The price is right, and they draw favorable remarks from users.

I like pistols made in Eastern Europe. There is still old world craftsmanship there. Also, the prices are reasonable. We, in the U.S., are fortunate we can buy them. I shoot them in competition and at the range for a relaxing day.

The .40 S&W cartridge too is a well-made modern cartridge that has no +P non-sense. Its quality from different manufacturers is good across the board. Also, as the .40 has lost a little popularity, prices on the factory ammo have decreased while prices for the 9x19 round have gone up because of its increase popularity. The price difference is not so great anymore.

So, go buy a .40, maybe even a Steyr .40. (Yes, I am your enabler.)
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