Ranger T ammo source?

Discussion in 'Ammunition and Reloading' started by alagator, May 26, 2005.

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    Anybody have a web source for Ranger T 9mm? Any feedback on the 127 (or is it 124) as a defense round? This is for an S9. Thanks.
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    The 127 +p+ kicks a tad bit more than a CCI Blazer Aluminum round. I have no practical tests on its "stopping" power, but I trust other reports/run tests.

    I got my from a fellow on the Glocktalk boards by the name of Jerry Kirkpatrick his email is as follows:

    [email protected]

    The price of ranger is steep, but you get what you pay for. Some of the best defensive ammo on the planet according to law enforcement/independent testers.


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    I've been addicted to Glock Talk's Caliber Corner forum for the past month or so. It's tough to wade through all the rhetoric and BS, but there are few posters who are very knowledgeable and have cited empirical testing that makes me believe the Ranger T is the round of choice for any of the common service calibers.

    I would prefer the 147 grain Ranger T over the 127 +P+. The tests I've read seem to infer that the performance of both rounds is very similar, with the 147 grain having significantly less muzzle blast and recoil.

    I have also heard nothing but good things about the source that McOz quotes above, although I personally have never bought any from him.

    I just read on another thread about a website that has the best price on Ranger T 147gr - $108 for 500 rounds. Sounds pretty insane to me, but I am thinking about doing it. DISCLAIMER: I have NEVER bought anything from this store so BUYER BEWARE - http://store.yahoo.com/expresspolicesupply/w100.html

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    Well, I just "bit the bullet" and ordered a case of the 147 gr. Ranger T 9mm from Express Police Supply. I will let you guys know if it actually comes (see Buyer Beware, previous post).
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    I ordered a case of the 155 (40)grain Ranger from CDNN . It isn't "T"

    Express only lists the 180 grain (40). I don't care for the 180's. 165 seems to be the most effective.

    I have a source for the 127 grain +P+ and the 165 grain 40's "T" series. The 127 would sell at $16.00/ea box of 50.
    the 165 grain would sell for $18.50/ea box of 50. 230 grain 45 cal would be the same price as the 40 but shipping would be more due to weight.

    I don't even know if this is competative.

    Case prices would be less.

    Price is without shipping. Problem is finding an inexpensive way to ship.