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Range time with CZ and M9

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I compared my CZ Compact to my M9 today. I noticed that at 7 yards away the M9 was shooting very tight groups and so was the CZ. I proceeded to move back to 15 yards and there's where the M9 groups started to open up. The CZ would grouped well at 15 yards, but the recoil was more noticable.

I have encountered what others have said on this forum. The trap sights at longer ranges are not the best for accuracy. I love the trap sights, but I want the most accuracy out of my tools, so I will be going to a 3 dot system. I never liked the 3 dot sights, but I must be getting at using them. Even though the CZ edged the M9 at 15 yards, I did not like how my trigger finger felt each time I pulled the trigger. I am going to be picking up a set of PT NS for my M40. The M9 is a dream to shoot...great trigger and the recoil is significantly less than the CZ. Steyr pistols have become my favorite for CCW and for range shooting.
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you need to focus more on the front sight.
where were your groups? all over or a particular spot?

when you look at the rear sight check to make sure the top of the rear sight is level with top of the front.

I find it much easier to focus on the front triangle sight than a traditional 3 dot sight. the front triangle sight is bigger than usual and comes to a fine point.

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1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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