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Discussion in 'M, C, L and S Series' started by Guest, Oct 20, 2005.

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    I like it. :D
    Decided to go with the M40 A1, but I found a M40 New for 365.00 at the gun show on Sat. I decided not to pass it up.

    Took it home cleaned it up and finally made it to the range last night.

    I Love the sights, not a problem getting used to.

    I Hate the trigger pull. :? Please tell me this will smooth out.
    It has a hard click before the shot is fired. It will take some getting used to.

    First 10 rounds at 20’ nice size group (five inches) but slightly to the left.
    I believe I am over pulling the trigger.
    My trigger has a toy gun feel but with the real gun bang.

    Shot off about six mags and my groupings got worse
    I really started anticipating the odd pull. :cry:

    My second and fourth mag did have 1 FTE each but I think cheap ammo is to blame there.

    Other then that no problems. :D
  2. Flashpoint

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    Not a bad deal. How high is the serial number? I had an m40 that was in the the low 10,000 range, there was a noticeable difference between it's trigger and the S9/40 I have in the 30,000 range. One thing I did was buff the trigger bar the trips the sear, it made a lot of difference. Of course running a few thousand round through it will do the same thing, the buffing just made it happen sooner.

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    It is in the 17000 range w/new trigger.
  4. Shooter

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    Ditto with Flashpoint, a few thousand rounds of most anything probably would work it in... I'm not big on the cheap ammo debate........it will still probably run when it gets broken in......wolf, wwb, cci, yellow box, s&b, your on reloads...........whatever..........its a good firearm and worth the price..............
  5. Flashpoint

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    I would think at that number you should be ok. It probably have just set too long and needs to be cleaned real good.
    Follow thistutorial and clean up the action carrier. You'll have to pull the trigger forward to get the button depressed enough to get the guts out. You also might want to buff the trigger bar smooth with a dremel. You can pull it out enough to buff it without having to remove it. You should notice a difference after that.
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    Thank you for your help I followed instructions and it DID seem to help.
    at least as far as function test.

    There was allot of old sludge caked around the trigger bar at the sear
    I cleaned it real good and gave it a fresh coat of oil.

    I will update next time I get to shoot.
  7. Flashpoint

    Flashpoint New Member

    Good deal. Some of those guns set in storage for a long time, so it's no surprise that the sear and trigger bar was caked up with goo. That M40 just may become your new favorite.