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Discussion in 'M, C, L and S Series' started by Firecracker, Dec 28, 2006.

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    Couldn't go to the range yesterday...so I went today. I shot 200 rounds...1 FTE and 5 FTF's!!! I think it was the cartridges...they were cheap sh**! I didn't got the ones I usually use and those bstrds were the only choice. Some brass flying to my head and one to my nose...and one inside my shirt...woooaaaaahhhh!!! :oops: :D

    I shot from 25 m. Almost all my shots went to left and a little bit low. Towards the end I fixed it a little bit. I noticed that I flinch sometimes. And yanked the trigger too. I've got all the bad habits :D So from now on everyday is a dry firing day :) And I also have to get rid of a flinch too. I read one article by Cathy Jackson...dry firing seems to be a cure for that too. Is there any other way to get cured?

    To the range tomorrow, Batman? Yes, Robin...definitely :D

    *Dry firing Cracker*
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    Just like me Firecracker the same range report but no FTE and FTF, shot left, brass went to my head and face hahaha. But now no problem just go to break in period and do the DRY FIRE. I just love the steyr pistol. Welcome and good luck


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    "...dry firing seems to be a cure for that too. Is there any other way to get cured?"

    Have someone put an inert (dummy) round in you mag so you can see if you are pulling down in anticipation. Also, concentrate on seeing the muzzle flash so that you do not get grooved into the "close eyes, flinch" cycle. But lots of dry firing is the cheapest way to ingrain the fundamentals.
    Good luck.
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    besides dry firing practice, during actual shooting, try to heigthen your state of awareness and concentrate on the front sight not to disturb it as much as you can while holding the gun steady even during firing. This is called the follow through sequence. Remember, firing of the gun is not the end of the sequence, so do not relax during the actual firing.