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Range report- Steyr SBS Prohunter

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Finally got a chance to break-in and sight-in my Prohunter Stainless 7mm Rem Mag. A pain in the butt, but a joy as well. Decided the first shots would be mostly a waste, so I went with inexpensive Maine Cartridge Company 139 gr Hornady BTSP. I wanted them 2.4 inches high at 100 yards, and it took 17 rounds to get them there. The last adjustment put rounds 15, 16, and 17 in a neat little 3/4 inch triangular group right where I wanted them, so I quit for the day. :) The rifle has a 24 inch barrel, and has a Bushnell Elite 4200 2.5-10X50 Firefly reticle scope,which is a heavy duplex glow in the dark reticle. With that big fat reticle I doubt I will ever get 1/2 inch groups, but that scope is about shooting deer, not paper. I have the rifle fitted with a Limbsaver slip -on recoil pad (I am a recoil wimp). With 3 rounds in the magazine it weighs 10 pounds, and kicks less than my Ruger 270. Now that I know it will shoot from the bench, I plan to put in a lot of rounds from realistic hunting positions before the season begins. I will also try some premium ammunition, but that Maine Cartridge Company stuff looks hard to beat, and I know from experience that the Hornady BTSP bullet they use is a great performer on deer.
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From what I understand, it's hard to beat a Steyr rifle. Sounds like it's gonna be a deer slayer. I wish I had the need for a Prohunter or the like. Everything in NEA that is worth hunting on is private property. :(
You can just about say the same thing for Alabama. We have a few public hunting areas, but most land is leased out to individuals or hunt clubs, and good land goes at least $10/acre/year. I am just lucky to have friends with land in a very productive area. Land adjacent to theirs is leased by hunters from Atlanta and Miami. They have been offered $12/acre, but prefer to keep it for family and friends. I am the only dedicated doe hunter on about 700 acres of mixed timber and hayfields, so I have plenty of opportunities to fill my freezer, and we let the bucks walk until they are impressive. :)
When I lived in Missouri the closest part of the Mark Twain National Forest was about 5 minutes from me. The biggest problem was hunters coming down from St. Louis, but there was places to go to get away from them, and as long as the local herb farmers knew you weren't a snitch you didn't have any problems. :wink: The wide range of places to hunt and fish is about the only thing I miss living in Mo.
That sounds like a fun hunt--get your venison and a little herb to improve the flavor. I like to coat a roast with grey poupon, garlic, pepper, salt, and summer savory, then put it on a grill over natural charcoal and some dry hickory. Take it off while the center is still very rare. Did those ole boys grow any savory? :wink:
Have to come up to MICHIGAN! Lots of public land still left for hunting up here.

Oh yeah, and I'm jealous...that SBS is a hell of a rifle from everything I've read about it. One of my gun mags (can't think of which one at the moment) has the SBS in just about every other issue.
I am not a very good shot with a firearm over 50 yards even with a scoped rifle. But, I brought my Prohunter SBS chambered in 243 Winchester out to the range last Friday and at 100 yards, I could consistantly place a hit within an 8 inch circle. For me, groups within 1 inch are not realistic, but groups within an 8 inch circle is good enough for my type of hunting. With this rifle at two hundred yards, using a Simmons Aetec 3.8 to 12X scope, you can also achieve the same results with minor windage and elevation adjustments. This coming week, I intend to take my stainless steel Prohunter SBS chambered in 30-06 to the range and sight this in for 200 yards, and get ready for an Elk hunt in New Mexico. These are great rifles, especially if you break them in properly, and treat them well. Regards.
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One tip I got from a gunshop where they sight in rifles-- The Steyr shoots best when rested just forward of the forearm screw-- you don't want pressure on the stock out near the end. I think the new black stocks are stiff enough that it doesn't matter, but the old gray ones, like mine, are softer, especially in the Alabama heat. When breaking in the SBS stainless, I was surprised at how little copper fouling I got-- that must be one slick tube!!!
I shot my prohunter for the first time last weekend. Its chambered for .223 and at 300 yards, consistently drove the rounds into the V bull section on an NRA (UK) target. Recoil was non existent and the only problem I had was the occasional misfeed from the magazines. Ammo was Remington UMC FMJ 55grn which worked fine. What surprised me was the accuracy and stability of the rifle given its low weight and rather slim outline. After 100 rounds in relatively quick succession the barrel wasnt even warm and post shoot cleaning was almost a pointless excercise. All in all the best £500 I have ever spent.

I was under the impression that the mags took five rounds yet mine only seem to take four??? Any ideas.
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