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Range Report S40

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Having posted a few times, i thought I'd put my dues in on the range. I CCW w/ an S40 & 155 gr Black Hills. It produced the best group among the other brands of Fed Tac 155gr and Rem Gold 180Gr. I am not sharp as I'd like, but I get it in the black around 10'. The Wolf feeds ok, with an occasional FTF. Some inconsistent FTF, FTE w/ generic ammo. Nothing I worry when I carry though. I am glad to own a Steyr for $300.
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On a side note, why can't I drop a round in the chamber and release the slide? It never goes into battery when I want a mag +1.
Congrats on owning of the more rare Steyr pistols nowadays - the S40 is tough to find. When I wanted to buy an S40 magazine (so I could modify it for 12 rounds of 9mm for use in my S9) I couldn't even find one of those!
loneeagle308 said:
On a side note, why can't I drop a round in the chamber and release the slide? It never goes into battery when I want a mag +1.
Dropping a round in the chamber is considered an unacceptable method of loading a round into just about any semi-automatic pistol (unless it has a tip-up barrel). Are you saying that when you rack the slide on a full magazine it doesn't go into battery?

I generally lock back my slide before loading a magazine. I just prefer to use the slide release to chamber the first round. When I want a mag+1, I lock back the slide, insert a full magazine, release the slide (chambering the first round), drop the mag, insert another round into the magazine, and snap it back into the pistol.
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Most pistols do that, and it is hard on the extractor. I feed from the mag then drop the mag and add a round.
Congrats on the S-40!

The S-40 is a fine weapon built from the ground up to be a .40 caliber handgun, which was a major consideration when I purchased my M-40 almost two years ago now.

Two things about your post I feel I should mention:

1) You want to avoid loading a round directly into the chamber yourself as previously stated this is hard on a pistols extractor and will most likely lead to some failures to eject. Best way is to chamber a round directly from the magazine, place the weapon on safety, extract the mag and load another round in the you'll have that +1 round you want. Of course how much of a difference will that one round really make?

2) Sounds like you're using some great weight for you rounds the FBI recommends .165 gram rounds and I use the Speer Gold Dot .165 gram JHP for my CCW load in the summer and .165 gram FMJ CCI Blazer for target ammunition. I've seen ballistic data on .180 gram vs. the lower .165 and .155 and am convinced that the .165 is the way too go. However, I stay away from Wolf pistol ammunition as I have heard some horrible FTE and FTF experiences of Steyr pistol owners using Wolf. That said, I love Wolf .223 for my carbine and think they make great rifle ammunition.

Just my two cents in trying to give what knowledge I have about Steyr pistols to one of my Steyr brothers. Steyr's are built to tight tolerances and don't react well to certain brands of ammunition.

Safe Shooting
See less See more, an S40 range report....I don't think anyone has posted an S40 range report in a while......

Loneeagle308, I'm glad to read that you are CCW'ing the S40. It's a great little gun. I also carry Speer 165 grain Gold Dot JHPs in mine.

I did a qualification shoot with mine and matched it against my duty Sig P229 in .40S&W. I've only been able to get a high 280 out of 300 with my Sig; I scored a 296 out of the 300 with my S40 (and the same score with a Kahr P9 Covert on another ocassion).
Thanks for the info. I am looking for a smaller CCW than the S40 as I am slim @ 140 lbs. I carry w/ a Galanti or Galati behind the back holster. In the summer time its not too practical. i WAS THINKING OF A Keltec.
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