Range Report on my S40-A1

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    image.jpg Greetings,
    I finally had the opportunity to take my new S40 out for a couple of range trips.
    The first hundred rounds were reloads, out of which I had 3 FTE's and 2 FTF's. I will rack that up mostly to the reloads as I was also shooting some .38 and .45 which suffered likewise. My experience with the trap sights was a bit of a learning curve... I now understand this observation made by others on the site.
    My second trip out with the .40 was much sweeter, with no issues whatsoever out of 200 rnds. This gun was a kick! I found that going more to an instinctive style of shooting played into the guns strengths. The traps are very quick and the ergonomics put the gun on target. I am going to really enjoy this little piece, and it has now replaced my Para P-12 for EDC. :salute:
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    Glad you enjoyed it. Feel free to post pics as well...

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    Sounds like a good report to me! They're a blast to shoot and you're very right about having a bit of a learning curve with the sites, once you get the hang of them, it really just becomes natural to point and click.