Range report on my new used S40

Discussion in 'M, C, L and S Series' started by diaset, Jan 19, 2008.

  1. diaset

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    Well I got the S40 to go along with my M40. I love these guns! The S40 is really a nice carry, I thought the M40 was an easy carry but the 1/2 inch makes it a breeze. I took it to the range this afternoon but only had time to put 50 rounds through it. All rounds were 4 to 5 inches apart at 7 to 20 yards out. I can only use range ammo can't bring my own. But they use
    American Eagle 40 S&W
    Caliber: 40 S&W
    Bullet weight: 165 grain, 10.66 grams
    Primer number: 200
    Bullet Type: Full Metal Jacket Ball
    Made by Federal Cartridge
    Factory Velocity in Feet Per Second (to nearest 10 FPS):
    - Muzzle: 980
    - 25yds: 950fps
    - 50yds: 920fps
    - 75yds: 900fps
    - 100yds: 880fps

    Had no problems at all with this S40
    It is sweet, if this is how they shoot when you break them in then I can't wait to put another 1000 round through my M40. I have about 600-650 through it now. and it feels better with every visit to the range. Does the S40's have a steal guide rod in it, I could swear it has one, I haven't tapped on it to see what it is made of but it feels heavy like steal. The guy I got it from says it's all original from the factory. Anyway just wondering. This will be my everyday carry. :notworthy: :notworthy: :clap: :clap: :party: :party:
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    one of the upsides to there being so few accessories for steyrs is that you have to look long and hard to find one that isn't factory.

    the s40 is a great all arounder. very carry-able, safe-action, .40 is a good CC round and with ten in the mags, you can play all the idpa/ipsc games. this one gun does it all. i, personally, find the s series to be more pleasant to shoot than the m series myself.

    i should sell S series for a living.

    the s series does have a steel guide rod. it's two piece and threaded together. don't consider this threaded design a problem though, if you ever intend to get it apart, you'd better pack a lunch AND a blow torch.

    enjoy, you've got the best of the bunch... and a rare one to boot!

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    Not many of us down here like the Steyr. But they continue to be my favorite pistols. Are you using the Sporsmans club range??? Where did you get those yardage #'s?
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    No there are only two ranges close to me, one is Gator and the other is Palm Beach Shooting Center. Gator is not my first choice, they seem to use reloaded ammo (it really makes your gun filthy and flashes like a lighting strike) but it is closer when leaving work. The other is a much a nicer place the ammo is in the box and much nicer to shoot. The yardage is off the American Eagle web site. I took the box home with me on Fri. and went to the web site to get the info to post it.
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    Glad she has a better home now. She spent plenty of time in my bed and that just ain't right. Plus I can't enjoy her in Japan if I did keep her. When I get back in a few years I may be partial to getting another but who knows.
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    My EDC is an S40, and frankly I enjoy shooting it more than my M40.

    I still may hunt down another M40 and cut the grip down to S length because my S40 has become pretty much irreplaceable.