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range XD compared to M9

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I posted this in the XD forum and wondered what yall thought as well.

Just went to the range and put 200 WWB through the XD and 100 through the M9. I wanted to compare the two.

First, I have to say that both these guns are way more accurate than I am. I have older eyes and trifocals...which really make aiming a pain sometimes.

Having said that, I report that both guns functioned flawlessly. Recoil on the Steyr seemed a little less. One thing I noticed after 100 rounds....the magazines on the XD are easier to reload and much easier on the thumb and index finger than the ones on the Steyr. Seems like the Steyr magazines are really sharp!!!! I had to tape my fingers to continue firing (I shot 300 in the Steyr last week and my fingers immediately recognized the magazines this week and complained).

My perception is that I am much more accurate with the Steyr than the XD. So what does much more mean? Near (7 yards) and far (20 yards) I can get a ragged hole 3" across with the Steyr. With the XD its more like 5". I wouldn't lay any blame on the pistols, both are more accurate than me.

I did notice that I like the Steyr sights a whole lot more than the XD sights. Steyrs were easier to pick up with my trifocals...the XD sights were harder to see. Is it possible to have the trapezoid sights put on the XD? Anyone hear of doing that with other pistols? If not....what sights would be better than the factory?

One last difference I noted related to the trigger. The safety on the trigger on the Steyr seemed sharp and cut into my finger after a time. Anyone else experience this? The trigger reset and travel are less on the Steyr than on the XD.

I'm just an average guy and no gun expert and these are my observations after one range first with my new XD.

Reactions or comments?
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The Trapezoid Sights are simply dove tail sights and may be able to fit on a different pistol like a glock or XD.

I like the looks and features of the XD alot, but I have heard alot of people complain about their finish. The Steyr and Glock has a Tennifer finish that prevents those little scrapes and marks often caused by use or pulling them from a synthetic holster.
My experience with my XD357 and my Steyr M9 is similar to yours. I am more accurate with the Steyr, and the recoil seems lighter, even when using a 9mm conversion barrel in my XD. I love the ergonomics on both pistols. The deciding factor when buying both of them was how they felt in my hand, and how they naturally aimed.

Bottom line? Both are great pistols, and I'd trust either one. I just seem to be able to put holes in paper more quickly and accurately with the M9.

Also, the finish issue on the XD is a bit overblown. It is a problem on a certain percentage of XD's, and Springfield will refinish for free. It's also a good excuse to get it Hard Chromed (or NP3'ed, or Black T'ed, or Duracoated, or.....). :D
Brownells sells those trapezoid sights....there is also another company that is starting to advertise the trapeziod sights in gun magazines. I cannot recall the website at this moment.
Last time at the range I fired a guy's XD 9mm. It had a 4" barrel and standard sites, model XD9101. I didn't find anything objectionable about it. I was more accurate with the Steyr sites but think I could get used to the XD sites as well, given enough practice. The XD had slightly more perceived recoil, maybe it's a bore axis thing. It didn't feel bad in my hand at all, but I still think the Steyr ergos are slightly better. I also think the Steyr looks better than the XD. :lol:

Regarding the trigger, no, I do not get any irritation from the Steyr's trigger safety after 300 rounds. Looking at mine I can see a very slight raised line left over from the plastic molding process. It's offset to the left side. Maybe this is what's causing your discomfort? It's nothing that can't be lightly sanded smooth.

For the XD's trigger, definitely different than Steyr. This guy's XD was brand new before he shot it that day. Out of the box, the XD's pull although longer than the M9's, was very smooth. I didn't get any of the plastic-on-plastic feel in the pull like I got with my M9 when new. My M9 has just around 700 rounds through it so far, so it's still in the process of smoothing out. But the M9's pull is quite a bit shorter than the XD, so once mine smooths out the M9 will be the clear winner there IMO.

The XD is a really nice pistol and I can see how some might prefer it over Steyr. It just depends what you like. But I am not aware of anyplace where you can buy an XD NIB for $300. 8)
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I've got both. I like the trigger on my XD a whole lot better than my Steyr. I do think I shoot the Steyr a little more accurately. I bought the XD to shoot in IDPA because it's easier to get aftermarket parts for it, and I've been very happy with it. The XD just needed some Williams Firesights. I never did get used to the traps, and I replaced them with PT night sights.
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