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Range report, New S9 and CCW G19

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Went to my local range last weekend and ran about 200 rounds through both pistols. Before going I completely disassembled my S9 and shot some Gunscrubber in every orriface it displayed. I almost lost part #20, the trigger safety retention spring, while reassembling but I found it inside of an empty water glass halfway across the room (LUCKY LUCKY LUCKY).

The S9 ran great, no failures of any kind. The only target I saved from the range day was with the S9 and 60 rounds, 30 at 7yrds and 30 at 15yrds. At 7 yards I'm hitting just left of bullseye and as you would imagine at 15 I'm shooting further left and a little low. I know that I jerking the trigger, I'm trying to work the habit out of my shooting. :(

The G19 is still shooting low and left (my bad habit I'm working on) but not low and left enough to make me a bad shot during a CCW situation, when the GOD DAMN CCW finally gets here ( 89 days and counting)!! :evil:

I'll post some pics very soon and embarass myself thoroughly.

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Looks like some lethal shootin' if you ask me...
Great report 8)
Oz, I can sympathize with being cross-eyed dominant (Damn my momma for slappin' me)...
Have you shot from a rest to check the zero? If you're shooting from anything under 15 yards, the sights would have to be WAY off to hit four or five inches left, if I'm not mistaken.
I'm in the same boat with my shots, low and to the left, and I'm positive I'm slapping the trigger and anticipating recoil on the first shot of the string, tightening my grip just before the shot breaks.
Give the gun to someone else to check its accuracy, or shoot from a rest, or just disregard my comments entirely if you've tried all this already.
I've idly wondered about that, Chef, and considering I'm new to handguns there aren't a lot of good habits I'd be putting in jeopardy by learing ambidexterous form. If I EVER GET BACK OUT ON THE RANGE (sorry, li'l frustrated with my lack of shooting time lately) I'll give it a try and report back.

Curiously, does it improve or hurt left-eye dominants to shoot with both eyes open?
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