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Range report, New S9 and CCW G19

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Went to my local range last weekend and ran about 200 rounds through both pistols. Before going I completely disassembled my S9 and shot some Gunscrubber in every orriface it displayed. I almost lost part #20, the trigger safety retention spring, while reassembling but I found it inside of an empty water glass halfway across the room (LUCKY LUCKY LUCKY).

The S9 ran great, no failures of any kind. The only target I saved from the range day was with the S9 and 60 rounds, 30 at 7yrds and 30 at 15yrds. At 7 yards I'm hitting just left of bullseye and as you would imagine at 15 I'm shooting further left and a little low. I know that I jerking the trigger, I'm trying to work the habit out of my shooting. :(

The G19 is still shooting low and left (my bad habit I'm working on) but not low and left enough to make me a bad shot during a CCW situation, when the GOD DAMN CCW finally gets here ( 89 days and counting)!! :evil:

I'll post some pics very soon and embarass myself thoroughly.

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My experience is that it's OK to shoot with both eyes open...
but I'm usually just happy to just be on the paper. :wink:

It's only when you have the time to think about which eye
is focused and on target that you start to switch between eyes.
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