Range report: new M40-A1, 310 rounds, and no failures

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    Range report: new M40-A1, 310 rounds, and no failures

    I recently purchased a Steyr M40-A1 and four extra mags from CDNN. The date code says it was born November 2005. After a detail strip, cleaning, and minor polishing, I took it to the range to test some internet rumors.

    The first sixty rounds were police reject 180gr Speer Gold Dots bought in bulk from ammoman. Every round looked perfect and fired perfectly. There might be a dud in the thousand rounds I bought, but I haven’t found it yet.

    The next 250 rounds were the infamous UMC WallyWorld 180gr loads. I figured I’d test the SteyrClub institutional wisdom that a break in period was necessary and UMC would turn your M into a jam-o-matic. One Mega-Pak down and no failures of any kind. Boringly reliable. Now I’m starting to think maybe I should buy some dirty Russian steel case and avoid cleaning my new Steyr until failure. I wonder how many k that would take....

    I like the feel in the hand and accuracy of the M40. I don’t like the 7+lb trigger and I think the beavertail could be remolded to be a bit more comfortable (the corners made the first knuckle of my thumb and forefinger sore by the end of the session). Overall, it’s a nice plastic-fantastic pistol at a great price and far more reliable in my one data point than internet lore would suggest.
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    i think we just need more posts like yours to change the internet lore.

    i use to compare the reliability of the steyr to a bic lighter. now i compare the reliability of a bic lighter to that of the steyr.

    as long as there's fuel, either one will light up on demand!!!

    my m9 has been eating up umc at the range lately. i treat every session as a malfunction drill waiting to happen, but the malf never comes. i'd never buy umc on purpose, but as long as it's feeding for me, i won't worry about shooting it myself.