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    Received my new M9 very quickly from Brian (thanks!) at CDNN. Here's the sequence of subsequent events:
    1. Field stripped and cleaned the M9 with M-Pro7. Overall it was very clean to begin with and had just a trace of carbon inside the slide.
    2. Removed and cleaned the extractor, pin and spring. Although the group was very clean, I found that the action of the extractor, when re-assembled, was very "rough", not at all as smooth as I expected.
    3. Lubricated everything liberally with M-Pro7 Gun Oil.
    4. Fired about 100 rounds at the range, a mix of WWB 115gr FMJs and WWB 147gr JHPs, with zero problems.
    5. Would have stayed longer but my wife was giving me the "it's-time-to-go-to-dinner" look.
    6. I was firing the Steyr against my Beretta 96, and the Steyr was, by far, easier to keep on target. Some muzzle flip but considerbly less that the 40cal.
    7. My impression was that the 9mm 147gr cartridges were a smidge less "sharp" in recoil than the 115gr variety, but it was a first impression only, and was colored by the excitement of a new pistol.
    8. When I disassemble the Steyr for cleaning, I was surprized to find a very very small "nick" on the side of the extractor pin that I hadn't noticed prior to firing. I smothed in down a bit with 3000 grade sandpaper and I'm hoping that it doesn't indicate a problem.
    9. Overall, I was very pleased with the pistol, and hope that my excellent experience continues.
    10. Thanks for all your help!!
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    Good review. I think I have the same nick on the extractor pin. The nick did get bigger and I did start getting a few FTE. I think my nick was 180 degrees from the small chamfer so I thought it was from the shoulder of the extractor. Not 100% sure since it was late that night and I just wanted to polish the little bit of raised metal down behind the nick and reassemble.

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    I think the "nick" that you speak of is supposed to be there.

    My range report:

    Complete disassembly of slide and frame for overall cleaning. The firing pin channel and spring inside the firing pin had the most crud. The extractor had zero dirt but I did a very slight polish as recomended on the extractor and pin. Used Tetra gun grease in the slide rails and Militec and FP-10 on the bbl, and internals. I find that the Militec stays put better than the FP-10 but I like them both. I did not oil firing pin, firing pin spring or extractor at all. The mags took the most time to take apart and get all the old stuff off them inside and out.

    Range time, 200rnds of Blazer, 100rnds of Blazer Brass and about 100rnds of WWB and 20 Remington GS 124grn +p. NO PROBLEMS. What is wrong with this gun? I thought to expect problems, I must have gotten one of the good ones. It did get a little hot. From the bench at 15 yards I was able to get a few clusters and clovers. Clovers = 3 shots touching and Clusters = 5 shots touching.

    Took home and repeated original cleaning and was suprised to find it was alot less dirty than any Glock that I have shoot that many round thru. I did use less Tetra gun grease this time and less oil, maybe this time I can get some malfuntions. :D Needless to say I was and am very impressed with this little M9. It reminds me of what a G19 should be. Well until next time, safe shooting. I think that I'll need to place another order thru Natchez for an extra 1000rnd of Blazer since they performed very well. I think that I sold a few more after last nights shooting session. The sights took me the longest to get used to but the trigger was a nice suprise.

    Just for kicks, we shot from 20 and 25 yards and I was able to hit well on a 8 1/2 X 11 sheet of paper.
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    No you got the same gun most of us do. You don't hear people like IDPAsteyr, Me, DaiAdvisor, FlyandScuba, Aerobolt, HiHolsva, Mr Apathy, etc w/ thousands of rounds (me less than those guys) w/ 99.997% toruble free (or hundreds of non-posting registered users and lurkers) posting as much as the 4 or 5 people who do have problems (which are usually correctible). Then you have people like srfl who have 2,3,4... steyr m/s and only post about the one that acts up.

    it's the internet megaphone effect and you can see the same thing on Glock forums, XD forums, etc. That's one of the reasons we always ask for a range reports (so other people w/ should I or shouldn't I buy questions can read those too).
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    Well, now I am paranoid. Anyone have additional info on the "nick" on the side (on the barrel) of the extractor pin? Thanks!!
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    Actually I've posted the success of my S40 before....which has had about several hundred rounds fired of .40 and 357 SIG (with an M357 barrel) with no problems.

    My M9 has only had one malf, also with several hundred rounds.

    My S9 has had no malfs but a curious problem NOT wanting to eject an empty mag unless your rip it out.

    My plated M40 is proving to be reliable after I reinstalled the extractor....and then there's my M357.

    So there!

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    My M40 has been reliable also.
    This week I should get out and blast a few with the M40A1, then I'll report.
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    After shooting trouble free Saturday night, I just had to go again Sunday. Another 250rnd later of Blazer, no problems. I am very anal and strip the gun down after each range outting and clean every part, even disassemble the mags and clean the with a patch with oil then a dry shotgun mop. I do not think I will ever have a problem with this gun other that needing to keep lots of ammo on hand. My UPS driver is worried about me after delivering 1000 rnds every week. I told him not to worry and keep his mouth shut, or else. Just kidding.
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    and breaking your bank on cleaning supplies 8O
    I do a "basic" filed clean w/ no brushes, just wipe w/ hoppes and wipe dry then oil every 200-300 rounds. I save the full detail strips for every 1000 or more rounds (except magazines which i'm lazy and only do 2x a year when they start getting bad enough to give me problems).
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    i wouldn't worry too much about your nick. it is not supposed to be there. but the nick occurs when the extractor is already done moving fully back anyway. both of my pistols have this nick. no fte ever. period. if it bugs you, polish the whole thing, but i think it will resurface, or rather re-nick.