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Range report M9

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Gone to range with my M-9. cartridges from Federal, FMJ.

fired some 50 rounds with zero malfunctions as usualy. Proud to say I have never encountered any problems with my M9 since this become a major issue here. The gun is absolute reliable with proper maintenance I guess.

well results of shooting where just fine. Every time earlier I shot slightly to tht left but now all rounds gone directly to the center of the target. every one who wher with me considered this as a fine shooting))
One magazine was fired as quick as I can, sweet))) and easy very easy to control the gun. Looks like pistol is raguing you to shoot faster, saying: look it is simple, faster, faster, you wont be dissapointed!

very nice))

also we tested two CZ-83 and TT pistol with chromed barrel. Of course the M-9 was the star of the show))

You can still by Steyr M and S series in Georgia and they cost aproximately 1200 USD. very nice. I guess In USA for this money you will get two Glocks)) What I like, is that Steyr is a rare gun, everyone knows and has Glock, SiG or CZ but only a few know about brilliant Steyr-Mannlicher handguns)) The trade mark is istself very pirified I can say.

I am still happy with my M-9. Th braking-in can be considered completed.

thank you :wink:
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Levan, the prices are lower in Alabama, and it is just a short drive from Georgia. :wink: Yeah, I know, you are in the Georgia between Russia and the Black Sea, not the one between Alabama and the Atlantic Ocean. Hope you enjoy the Steyr, and hope you never really need it.

Take care in Tiflis,
The Alabama Alagator :)
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