Range report - M40A1

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  1. Just had a chance to get my M40-A1 out to the range today :D . Worked flawlessly (of course I followed the threads on cleaning and lube before going out :wink: ). I put 150 rounds downrange and was able to keep a 20 shot 3 inch group at 12 yards. The trapezoid sights were much more natural pointing than I expected them to be, with natural point of aim being almost automatic. I ran 3 boxes of blazer brass 180 grain, and 15 rounds of 180 grain talon sxt with no hiccups. Now the only challenge is to correct the slight pull to the left that I get most of the time (right handed left eye dominant shooter :? ). This is no big deal as I see it as the distance is about 1 1/2 inches as a rule unless I get sloppy on the sight picture or try to do rapid fire. This will be my main carry piece when the holster from concealco gets here :( - it has been 3 weeks now, but I ordered the black color instead of the regular brown, so it will blend better with the belt, so it will be worth the wait. I am happy with the performance of the A1 and even though it was on the warm and humid side the grip seems to be just fine without a houge addon. I look forward to going out again soon to get more practice in, and would really like to get a plug for the gap behind the mag well in the frame. Any input as to the sugested grip plug sources or the recommended add ons would be helpfull......
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    Good onya, *shooter :)

    Welcome ta The Club. :p


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    Hi straight_shooter


    Also, don't forget to post on the holster forum, and let us know how the Concealco holster works out.


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    Glad to hear you are pleased. The M-A1's are ideal carry pieces, IMHO. As the others have said, let us know how the holster goes...

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    I too would like a plug but I believe that is a dead issue at this point.
    I agree on the sights.