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Range report from brand new Steyr owner!

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Hey guys,
I've been lurking for awhile and have learned a lot here!
I just purchased my first Steyr last week and went to the range today. It's an M9 and I do like it. I put 130 rounds through it and not a single FTE, FTF and no brass in the face! I shot 115gr WWB as usual at the range and it is as smooth as can be.
I'm trying to figure out the right point of aim and I'll be good to go.
I've got to tell you that for apprx 1-2 months I had my mind set on a Walther P99, but could not find ans AS trigger. I had been frequenting the Walther forum and came across a post about triggers or something. Well, one post that that I read was from Madecov and he was making a comparison that included the Steyr! Long story short, that post convinced me to get the Steyr instead of the Walther! No regrets at all! The Steyr fits my hand well and I intend to have my M9 as my CCW.

Props to Madecov! He also did my transfer here in Houston, good guy to deal with.

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congratulations on the m9.

mad props to madecov indeed. he's very steyrlicious.
Your welcome.

both the Walther and the Steyr are great weapons. The Steyr M is steel at the closeout prices. The MA1 at almost $200.00 less than the P99 is a bargain.
Didn't GunTest magazine rate the P99 and S&W cousin as a "Dont Buy" ?? just this month I think.......One of our shooting group guys just got his M9 and shot it for the first time......I didn't notice a single FTF or FTE.....and he shot well...........not bad for $300.00........
You made a good choice.............
Yes, I feel it is a good choice.

As far as some of the problems people have indicated having had initially, could some of these be avoided with proper preperation? Per the forum, I took the weapon down and cleaned thoroughly and then lubed accordingly. Maybe some of the others did this and still had FTE's etc.?

I can't wait to get back out to the range again...

Now if I can only find a holster...

Check the holster forum. There is a sticky of makers that can do the Steyr. The M series is not all that hard to find holsters for.

Now the MA1 is a bit more difficult but is coming on line little by little.
I think you might be right about the prepping.......I couldn't even get a Gold Dot to seat properly when I first got my M9......I was sooo bummed......thought I got ripped off..........then I found ammo that fit and shot a few hundred rounds, cleaned it and lubed.......and now I can shoot the Gold Dots.........with no FTF's or FTE's............flawless....
Hi Madecov,

Yeah, I checked out the 'sticky' on holsters and decided to purchase from 'FIST'. I'll get the #10. They do make quality holsters and hope I'll be pleased. They said it take three weeks to make.

Maybe it's a good thing I didn't start out with the Gold Dots! LOL! That's my defensive load. Flawless? Yeah, that was my thought. I like this weapon!
Anyhow, good preperation and maintanance(SP) pays off in the short and long term. Takes a little diligence...
FIST is pretty good for the money, unlike other production houses they have a boat load of options for each model.
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